Droid RAZR HD Gets Leaked Jelly Bean Build; Update Not too Far Away


For those of you out there with the new Droid RAZR HD or the MAXX HD, of course, have some good news today. There's been a leaked build of the Jelly Bean update for the phone that has appeared in the wild. Whilst this is pretty good news for owners of the new device it's very much worth noting that this not for the faint hearted. With updates like these, with no documentation or tests, there's no telling what could happen to your phone. We doubt your phone would explode but knowing Motorola phones there's a good chance that you'll be stuck on this build forever and always so, if you're not ready to make the jump yet – don't.

The folks over at Droidrzr found build 9.1.39 floating around on a Motorola server and have given the world some instructions on how to test the build out. As expected, the build does contain Google Now and should be a lot snappier however, there's no real way to test how stable this is and if you can't be dealing with a buggy phone then you should skip this one. On the bright side, it should work with both the RAZR HD and the MAXX HD being that they're the same phone with a different battery and/or storage. I'm like a broken record at this point but, this could be their first build or a build that's broken in some way so, let's not do anything you don't want to, yeah?

If you still can't stay away then take a look at the instructions below:


Be Careful Out There Folks:

To start with this, your devices need to be on the 0.7.2 update

1.  Download the update.zip file and place on "external1″ storage. [Download]

2.  Download this crc file and place it on "external1″ as well. [Download]

3.  To keep root, you need to be rooted. Install OTA RootKeeper after rooting to keep root.

Root isn't essential but, let's face it we all like so if you're rooted, these steps are essential to keep it.

4.  In RootKeeper, "Backup su" and then do a "Temporary unroot."

5.  Turn your phone off.
6.  Reboot into recovery:


Hold Volume Up and Power until you get to the boot screen. Press Volume Down to select "Recovery." Then hit Volume Up to choose it.

7.  When the Android logo shows up, press both Volume buttons at the same time.
8.  Choose "apply update from external storage."
9.  Find the update.zip file that you downloaded above and select it.
10.  Your phone will update and reboot with Jelly Bean.

[Sources: Droid-Life, Droidrzr}

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