Droid Game Hub Weekly 11/17/12: Arcane Legends, Beat Hazard Ultra, SEGA's Jet Set Radio, Humble Bundle And More!

Arcane Legends MMO Reaches Global Availability

The wait for Spacetime Studios next MMO title is over. Now available for play in the US, Arcane legends was initially launched in Canada and Australia, but never the less its open to the world now and if you're an avid MMO fan you may want to go check this game out.

Not being a fan of the first three MMO games from Spacetime I am a little reluctant to try this one, but hey its free and Ill more than likely give it a whirl sometime down the road im sure. The last major MMO I had played on Android was Order and Chaos before I started having to pay a monthly fee for it. Any other gamers out there that like MMO's? Who's already got this game in the bag?





Beat Hazard Ultra Now Available; Bullets, Beats, And Hazardous Fun

Bullet Hell shooters have been increasingly popular over the years because of their addictive gameplay, and extreme difficulty. There's just something about a game that gives you such a challenge you might pop a blood vessel. Like in the old days. Cold Beam Games wants to take us back to this era with their introduction of a bullet hell shooter style game but with a twist. Beat Hazard Ultra is now out of Beta and available as a Full game purchase, and damn is it ever difficult.

No surprise right? Here's the kicker. Beat Hazard Ultra is a rhythm based Bullet Hell Shooter, so the levels and gameplay are created from your music playlist and continue to evolve off of how you perform in-game. Beat Hazard Ultra has three game modes. Boss rush, Survival, and Chill out. All with varying levels of challenging stroke inducing obstacles to overcome.  Complete with volume booster power-ups, speed, power and the like, you can shoot your way through hell to the tune of your own music. The game even has a visualizer on in the background that reacts to the current playing track. Some of these features are only available in the full version of the game which will set you back $1.99 but plenty worth it for the fun. If you want to try the game first you can have that as Cold Beam has a Demo version of the game available as well.  This game gets a solid 5 stars in my book for getting me back on the Bullet Hell Shooter bandwagon. It's like I'm hitting the Oregon Trail and this game will lead the wagon train full charge into the west for prosperity and a new life. Not really but it sounded good. Didn't it? Anyway if you like deeply challenging games and love music this is a must have. Pick it up at the Play Store.




Jet Set Radio Arrives Nov. 29; Ready, Set, Paint

Sega's Jet Set Radio was one of the best games on Dreamcast for me back in the day. (I played a lot of NFL 2k as well but that's neither here nor there.) It was a monumental year.

The Y2k scare, turn of the century, and Sega's Jet Set Radio. Rollerblading was also really big around that time and perhaps this made the game more fun. For those of you out there who have never heard of this, the game was great I assure you.

The game was originally slated for a release this summer which is long gone but November 29 is just around the corner. We can all look forward to reliving some of those good times in just a short 12 days. Once it's released you can expect a full work up of gameplay and review. Is anyone else as excited for this as I am?



Humble Bundle For Android 4 Adds 5 New Games

Over here at AndroidHeadlines were big fans of the Humble Bundle game packs. Me especially. The chance to help out some charity's and developers who make these games while doing something that I love is just what I like to be involved in. It's for a good cause and yet I still to get have lots of fun. Recently over the last week, Humble Bundle For Android 4 arrived and it has gathered quite a following already with the original included games. One of the reasons I love these packs so much is that almost always, if the downloads for the current release are popular, they will add more games to the mix. This has been true with many of the PC and android versions of the Humble Bundle and the same is true with this one as 5 new games have just been added into the lineup. Initially Humble Bundle 4 came with Splice, Eufloria, Waking Mars, Crayon Physics Deluxe, SuperBrothers: Sword and Sworcery, and Machinarium. Now, with over $775,000 raised (that's quite a pull) and over 125,000 total bundles purchased, those who have supported the cause and paid the now minimum average amount of $6.51 will get their hands on Avadon: The Black Fortress, Canabalt HD, Cogs, Zen Bound 2, and Swords and Soldiers HD. These 5 games were part of an earlier Humble Bundle for Android pack. Series 2 if I'm not correct. Are you a fan of the indie games? I sure am. If you haven't already picked up the Humble Bundle for Android 4 you still have 5 more days left to grab it. Get it quick cause times-a-wastin and the longer you wait the higher the minimum gets so snatch at a steal of a price today.


ShadowGun Deadzone Enters Full Release; No, Not that Kind

Fans of multiplayer shooters have one more reason to throw their hands up in excitement this month. Madfinger's multiplayer third person shooter has left beta mode and finally entered the realm of full-fledged launch for everyone as of two days ago. Those with tegra 3 based devices have had the opportunity to play this all the way through the beta and have had quite some amount of fun while doing it. Nothing is like being part of beta.

Sometimes it's frustrating cause, well, you're helping the devs iron out the imperfections and things don't always work. On the flipside, you're helping them make the game better and that's what it's all about. Making the most solid game possible available to its fans. Now that a full launch has been implemented, anyone running Android 3.0 Honeycomb or higher can take part in the madness and mayhem that is sure to follow in a deathmatch between John Slade and all the other familiar faces from the Shadowgun game. With 10 playable characters total to choose from, up to a 12 person deathmatch or zone control match can be carried out with multiple weapons like assault rifles, snipers, plasma rifles, shotguns etc.

All the weapons are upgradable and you can help your success with tools like EMP grenades, Sentry Guns, and mines. Sprint, roll, and duck your way out of harm across various maps, and coordinate attacks with the new voice chat feature. Are you ready for some multiplayer action like you've never experienced? Go pick up the game and set yourself up for constant disappointment and death. But as they say... practice makes perfect right?


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