Droid Game Hub Weekly 11/10/12: Green Throttle, Shadowgun Deadzone, Modern Combat 4, The Hobbit, Zombie Highway, Predator and More!


With all the game news this week it's easy to miss a few things that slip through the cracks. Not to worry though, we'll keep you up to speed and fill you in.



Green Throttle Wants To Turn Your Phone Into A Game Console

Even with the popularity of mobile gaming these days, it's still hard to put down the actual controller when it comes to games. There are definitely a few options available for this kind of functionality while you're at home already, but for the most part the process is still not as streamlined as it could be. Green Throttle wants to change this though and make it easier to use your android device at home for playing in a more console like fashion. Using a special development kit Green Throttle has come up with, game developers can map their games controls to the special Atlas controller and soon you'll be on your way to playing your android games on your big screen. Or whatever size TV you have. All you'll need from there is a HDMI cable. Now this goes without saying that some devices running certain versions of the Android OS might not support this type of function. Developers can currently pick up the bundle software kit that runs at $89.99 to get their games going on this control platform. Pretty nifty if you ask me. I like all the controllers that are coming out of the wood work, now if I could just find one that works for me.



Shadowgun: Deadzone Official Release Available For Everyone Starting November 15th


Ok, so Shadowgun:Deadzone has been out in the beta release for over month now. I've played it a few times but have not gotten really serious into it yet. I am just particular about how I play my multiplayer games, and with this type of game with such a high intensity and fast paced play I'd prefer to use a controller, but will engage in a frag fest on the fly without one if I'm feeling antsy. The best news in all of this, especially for anyone not using a Tegra 3 device, is that Deadzone will be leaving beta soon, which means it will be available for everyone to play. When can we all enjoy some multiplayer goodness? Not too far from now actually. November 15th is the day so mark it on your calendars. I know a lot of you who play this game will probably be a little busy with Halo 4 and Black Ops 2, but make sure to get in on this for some truly awesome on the go multiplayer action. The game when it is released at full for everybody to enjoy will include two game modes: Death Match and Zone Control. With up to 12 players a match this could get very interesting very quick. A variety of weapons choose from and secondary items like med kits, and multiple characters to play as this is sure to make for some extremely high energy multiplayer gaming. Some other stuff that will be added in at launch will be multiplayer voice chat, gamepad support and new maneuvers like sprint/roll tactics. What do you guys think out there? Anybody already playing this game? If you've yet to check it out, I've thrown a link in for the beta below.







Modern Combat 4 Gets New Details; New Weapons, Maps, Perks And More


Everyone can appreciate the Modern Combat franchise that Gameloft has created. It's the closest thing we've all had to Call of Duty on a mobile. The newest in the series is Modern Combat 4 which has still yet to release but there has been a decent amount of information put out there to get us all hyped up. Despite everything that has been shown to us so far though, Gameloft still thinks that it's not enough information. Hey, I'm fine with that I love game teaser info. So what's the latest? Well it turns out that they are adding a perk system into the mix. That's not all though. We can expect new weapons and new maps as well.


If you flip on over to the site, you can actually see some of the information on the new weapons including stats of each individual one. That's what I like to see. What's interesting is they have leaked some information about the support system as well like turrets and automated drones(both ground and air) and a stealth bomber. Sounds like there will be plenty to keep you on your toes in a heated battle. What can we expect from the perk system? Things like stealth specialization which will include opportunism, sneak, proximity mines and sixth sense as perks from that category. No mention of a release date as of yet,but you can check out the Official Modern Combat 4 site  for all the details


 Pixel Twist Is Casual Gamers Dream For Puzzle Lovers

I love a good puzzle game. Nothing gets my brain working quite like them. Noodlecake has released their newest title onto the Play Store which just might spark your interest if you're a brain teaser fan. It's called Pixel Twist. Properly coined as "a unique little zen exercise" Pixel Twist will have you manipulating a group of pixels on the screen to match up with the image that is displayed in the top right-hand corner. Seems simple enough right? Well… wrong. Kind of.

Once you get used to swing of things, it may get easier, but this isn't your standard match game. Moving the pixels around to match the given picture takes a little more finesse and thinking then one may perceive. The game has over 90 images included which is quite the haul. It should keep your brain busy for a while. If you love a good puzzler, this is definitely worth giving a look-see. It's FREE right now in the Play Store, which is a pretty enticing price tag.




The Hobbit: Kingdoms Of Middle Earth Lands On Android

MMORPG fans, if you love massively multiplayers, if you crave the adventure within the confines of Middle-Earth, the precious is calling. The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-Earth is now on Android for you to run around in and test your skills as one of the common Lord of The Rings heroes. Set up teams and alliances with other leaders, and embark on legendary adventures to help the one and only Bilbo, Gandalf and others. At heart, the game is a city building based game that will have you building up your cities and towns to help fight against the goblin army.

You have the choice to play as elf or a dwarf. Everyone knows elves and dwarves don't get along. But you must set aside your differences and band together to fight a common enemy. World builders never really caught my attention. However the appeal is that you can pick this up and play for a few minutes and put it back down. This makes for a very easy play style and who can argue that immersing yourself into the world of middle earth isn't exciting? If you enjoy this type of game and have always been a fan of Lord of The Rings this available for free in the Play Store as of now.






Knightly Adventures Arrives This Week

A new 3D MMORPG is hitting the Play Store soon. Knightly Adventures is a game from Development team Pangalore, that is a 3D massively multiplayer online game. The game when it is released is going to be launched on multiple platforms (Android, iOS, PC and Facebook) almost like Dungeon Defenders. Knightly Adventures will support cross-platform gameplay so you can be sure to play along with your friends who may have different devices. The game is a mix of world building and true 3D MMO game styles which should set you up for a uniquely refreshing gaming experience. Interesting enough the game has launched on all other platforms except for Android as of today. The Play Store version is slated for release later this week.

Inside the game you can choose from four different character classes. A knight, Wizard, Prince or Archer. You must choose your hero and build up your kingdom, all the while you can go out to do quests and missions to level up your character. Just like in other MMORPG's you can group up in alliances to fight bosses or just play on your own and explore the giant world around you. The entire game is done in real-time so you can expect an experience kind of like WoW or Guild Wars 2. If are eagerly awaiting this to drop on Android, you won't have to wait too much longer to check this game out. We'll keep you updated as it arrives so you don't have to feverishly check the play store every hour of every day till it shows up.




Zombie Highway Staggers Onto Android; Cars, Guns, And A Whole Lot Of Zombies

Zombie Highway is a popular game that was originally brought out for iOS, but lucky us, we got it for Android completely redone from the inside out and specially redesigned for the Android OS. In Zombie Highway, you will basically select your vehicle, (one of four to choose from) and then you will have use of multiple guns and weapons throughout the games 8 levels of murderous mayhem. The game in total has 16 different guns in all to use while you traverse through the games highly addictive 3D levels slaying the undead. Different types of Zombies will keep you guessing and make you hone your driving skills, yet require to polish your use of the given weaponry well.

Think it sounds easy? Well don't get too cocky yet as there will be debris lying around on the highway as to complicate the drive. Watch out for anything strewn across your path. And of course, watch out for those flesh-eating mindless undead characters that were surely try everything they can to stop you. You can pick this up in the Play Store now for $0.99





Official Predator Game Now Available On Google Play

Predator has long been a cult favorite villain for legions of action movie fans. And why shouldn't he be? He's big, he's strong, he looks badass and he uses super high-tech weaponry that can blow your face off ten times over. What's not to like? If you could be a predator im sure most of you would say yes. Well, now you can. Just not in the way you were probably imagining. The official Predator game is now available for Android. You can find it in the Play Store for $2.99. Recently released by FOX digital and developed by Angry Mob Games, (the same guys behind Muffin Knight)

Predators allows you to become one of these vastly elite and dangerous pain inflicting other worldly assassins. It is your job as predator to take out the human forces that are invading your planet and make sure they get the message not to come back. You will have your work cut out for you though, as the humans you will be facing are made up of special forces teams and other highly trained individuals. The game does hit your wallet up for Three Washington greenbacks, but in app purchases are afoot as well. So if you so choose, you can throw some more money at the developers and get more in-game content.





TegraZone Sees International Snooker Pro THD Join Its Ranks

I used to play pool religiously. So much so that, my friends and I spent our Friday nights at the local pool hall downtown for quite some time when we were younger. I don't dabble so much in the arts of billiards any more, and I was never much of a snooker fan when it came to playing. However if I was I wouldn't have to go all the way down to the local pool hall just to play. Now available in the TegraZone for Tegra 3 devices is International Snooker Pro THD. This game boasts multiple game modes including career mode where you can play in over 15 different tournaments over 14 locations worldwide, and then three quick play modes which include UK 8ball, US 8ball, and US 9ball.

If you choose the quick play you will undoubtedly have some easy pick up and play sessions. Career however will let you play a full-scale set of tournaments to build your snooker career over time. If you enjoyed a game of billiards now and again and would like to once more, then you should definitely check out International Snooker Pro THD from on Google Play or the TegraZone app on your tegra 3 device.