Droid Game Hub Weekly 11/02/12: Chrono Trigger, Navy Battle 3D, Rage Of The Gladiator, Rope Rescue, Zombie Drive, Air Patriots and More!


Hey guys November is upon us and it's that time of year where things are starting to get busy for everyone out there. With all the things going on you may have lost a few opportunities to read about all the latest gaming news out there. Not to worry, because we've got you covered and are here to help you catch up on all that has happened this week that you may have missed.


Chrono Trigger Graces Google Play; $9.99 Will Land You This Old Familiar Classic

I don't know about you guys, but I played RPG games like a crack fiend growing up. As a kid in my neighborhood, there was no substitute for the attention to detail and engaging storyline that an RPG gave you from back in the day. No other game lived up to this stigma more than "Chrono Trigger." If you never played Chrono Trigger in its original state back on the SNES then you have certainly missed out.


The Good news for you, is that Square Enix has saw fit to dump this insanely popular game onto the Google Play store for our enjoyment. The game has been ported across many different platforms including iOS and PC. And now, all of us gamers on Android can finally enjoy a full port of the game without having to try to play it through an emulator. This should absolutely make for a truly immersive experience and bring back any old memories of loved moments that were spent getting to know the characters of this story.

Here's to 20 years and hopefully many more for RPG lovers everywhere.






Navy Battle 3D: Battleship for the digital age

Everyone has heard of or played the classic Battleship game. Some of you may have even missed that nostalgic feeling of sinking the destroyer belonging to your opponent. Well, now you can have that feeling back with Navy Battle 3D developed by BitmapPiranha. The game follows fairly closely to the way you play the classic title with the gameboard and pen and paper. It has a 9×9 grid where you place your fleet. Each ship will take up a certain number of squares, and being creative here truly counts, so choose your placements wisely. You can view the enemy grid but cannot see the ships that have been placed, allowing you to decide what squares to hit.


The game has two modes of play which consist of Solo and Multiplayer. Solo has you playing against the computer of course, where there will be 9 stages to go through and the difficulty increases as you progress. Multiplayer mode lets you play and compete against your friends, but not before unlocking this featured game mode by making a micro transaction of about a buck in the google play store. Yes, to play against your friends you must make an in-game purchase, all I have to say is, why not just tack that dollar onto the games initial cost up front? Seems kinda silly to throw this out of the main buy. Other items can be purchased from the in-game shop for a limited time. If you want to get down on some old school board game action from the days of yesteryear, go pick this up and SINK THAT BATTLESHIP!






Rage Of The Gladiator Making Its Way To Google Play Soon

It seems there isn't enough gesture combat games around, because every so often another pops up out of the wood work. Gamelion studios is bringing us one more for our enjoyment and for those of us who have a bloody need for some arena based combat. In Rage of the Gladiator you won't be fighting against other gladiators, but rather huge bosses of epic proportions.

You wield your trusty warhammer and shield, and fight to stay alive. Counter attacks and special power combo systems will help decimate your foes. No official release date here, but you readers out there will be the first to know.


Rope Rescue; Merges Angry Birds With Cut The Rope

This one is sure to get you fans of these two games all jazzed up. If you enjoy puzzles and love the Angry Birds series and Cut the Rope, Rope Rescue just might hold your fancy for long enough time to give it a try. I myself am a fan of the puzzle games, so for some quick on the go brain teasers, I might have to break this one out.

As the name suggests, you will be using a rope to rescue a bird companion of yours that is all caged up. You (the protagonist in this little story) play a bird with the power to set your friend free. The game will start out somewhat easy but surely gains a level of difficulty as you progress through out. Will you guys be checking this one out? If so, there is a free version, and a paid version that will be ad free at the price of $2.99, the links for both are below.







Zombie Drive THD Lands In The Tegra Zone

Great news Tegra 3 owners. The long-awaited Zombie Driver THD finally rolled into the Google Play store this week for some driving and zombie killing action. The amounts of havoc reeking zombie smashing fun are unprecedented here and you should definitely not check out this title if you hate to bask in awesomeness. Lots of things to unlock, lots of Zombies to kill, three game modes, 13 total vehicles, and the most mayhem you'll see for a while.

If you like to kill zombies, and you like to drive, this game is just what the doctor ordered. The game at a glance looks like its graphics are just ok, but I assure you once you start playing you will notice how this game takes advantage of the tegra 3 processor and all its cores of glory. The visuals are actually quite impressive, especially the amounts of destruction effects you will see within the game. The level of and attention to detail is uncanny. Great work Exor studios, great work. You can pick this up in the Tegrazone or google play store for $6.99 if you're feeling a little light on the zombie destruction.




Amazon's First Game Called Air Patriots Arrives

Two days ago Amazon game studios released their first game unto Android users. Air Patriots will have you commanding a squadron of planes, and you direct them on where to attack by using drawing and gestures. Amazon utilizes cloud sync technology for game saves which is great, cause we all know how annoying it is if you need to switch devices and aren't able to pick up where you left off in the realm of play. It is immensely frustrating.

Perhaps the oddest thing about this game is that it's available in the play store, and not exclusively on the amazon app store. Maybe amazon noticed that they would reach a larger crowd and potentially more buyers if they released it to Google play. I'm sure they're right if that's the case. You can run, excuse me, fly over and pick this up for free if you want to give it a go.





iMpulse Controller Now Comes In Limited White Edition

The kickstarter campaign for a cheeky little controller is coming to a close tomorrow, which means you still have some time to get in on this if you wish. What would you pledging for? The iMpulse wireless gaming controller. To obtain this little bad boy in white you'll have to pledge $37 or more and this quaint little keychain attachable gaming peripheral will be shipped out post-haste. Other added accessories like the iMpulse sleeve to protect your game controller (and also acts as a stand for your phone) will be made available as well. Still in the market for a wireless gaming controller? Go check out the kickstarter page and see if this is just what you've been looking for.

iMpulse white Kickstarter page


Nyko Playpad And Playpad Pro Now Available From Gamestop

Wireless game controllers are fast becoming the thing of the hour. Nyko, longtime gaming peripheral manufacturer, finally released their wireless gaming controllers yesterday onto Gamestop shelves. The Playpad and Playpad Pro are now available for $39.99 and connect up to your tablet for some much more comfortable gaming the way you have been wanting for so long. It seems that select Gamestop stores have these, some don't. I went to my local Gamestop and they didn't have these two or any others for that matter. So check your local store if you're dying to have one. They are available on Gamestop.com though so if you don't want to waste time, order straight from the site.

The price is nice, and the functionality seems to be top-notch. The controllers look comfortable to hold and use. If only I could get my hands on one of these bad boys. Both of these were made with Tegra games in mind so expect some great functionality with some of the best games out there. The controllers work with any bluetooth enabled device running android 3.0 or later. Major plus! (for me) Want one of these now? Hit the jump for ordering enjoyment, then let happiness commence.


Playpad Pro