Droid Game Hub 11/24/12: Ogarhythm THD, Ong-Bak, The Avengers Initiative, Nun Attack, And More!



Ogarhythm THD Hits Tegra Devices; Brings With It Some High Priced Add-Ons


Those of you out there that happen to be fans of Rhythm based games, and also happen to own a Tegra based device, have something to sing about this week. Ogarhythm THD has finally landed on the play store and in the tegrazone app for your enjoyment. Be prepared to drop down some hefty cash on this little gem though. You will initially fork out nothing for the download price because the base of the game is free and comes with the first three levels, but to fully maximize its potential you will need to purchase up to a total of $30 in download packs that contain the rest of the games levels.

If this isn't a high ticket download I don't know what is. Originally the game was a title on the PS Vita and is reminiscent of a game like pikmin for Nintendo. Throwing in some rhythmic based commands to help your little guys overcome what could only be explained as a battle that must be won. Not sure how some of you feel about paying this much for a game on Android, but we are certainly seeing a lot more developers throwing up some popular games at a premium price. Do you guys think we could see things starting to shift this way for the majority?






Martial Arts Phenomenon Ong-Bak Is Getting A Video Game And We May See It On Android Soon


I have long been a fan of martial arts. It's just cool. Watching the amazing stuff that some of the people can do with it blows my mind. That being said, martial arts fans would probably agree with me that Ong-Bak is one of the most impressive and visually stunning martial arts films ever made. You could imagine my excitement finding out that a game centered on the Ong-Bak story was being developed. The game is reportedly coming to PC and Smartphones in the near future says Developer studio HIVE, and from what I can tell in the screenshots the games visuals look very impressive.

Interpret it however you want, but "smartphones" in my opinion has to mean Android. With all the amazing devices being put out now that can crank out some serious gaming sessions it would be insane not to see it in the play store. The game is going to be built on the unity 3D engine, and some of you know that this means the game is going to look amazing. Need proof? Just look at the Shadowgun and Dead Trigger games. All built on unity 3D. And they look fantastic!!


Visuals are only half the battle though. Core gamers know that the game has to also feel and play well and help engage the player. This is why Hive Studios are working with the Ong-Bak Film choreographer to really nail the cinematics. The game is in the last stages of development, which means we should be seeing it become available soon. Hopefully Android will be one of the platforms to receive such a kick ass sounding title. Anyone else hoping for this?


Avengers Initiative Finally Smashes Onto Play Store; Pick It Up At $5 For A Limited Time

We'd heard about this game for a long time. A lot of hype had built it up and after getting at least one push back date, I was beginning to flash back to the days when I played more HALO and they pushed back the launch dates. Never the less the game is here now and we can all enjoy some fun playing as the green behemoth The Hulk and smash our way through huge enemy bosses with eye candy so good you'll want to literally lick the screen. But don't. That's a bad idea.


The Avengers Initiative for those who haven't heard is a game that is going to have episodic content. So this means what is available as of this week is the first installment of the game and there will be updates in the future that bring more character playability and more levels and enemies to destroy. The good news here is that there is actually a fairly large list of supported devices including the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7, Nexus 10, Galaxy S III, Note II and others.

The even better news, is that those of us that choose to pick up this game and play it on a device that runs a Tegra 3 chip will get some extra special eye candy graphics during battles and such, as show in the image above. If you always wanted to play the Hulk and smash your way through tons of super villains, go grab this now.





Nun Attack Is Now Free To Play! Smite Evil At No Cost

I covered Nun Attack in this week's Android Game Spotlight. It's a hell of a game that will have you raining down holy attacks and vengeance on evil for days. With an army of four nuns at your disposal and all the guns they can carry, sprinkled with some special "miracle" attacks to bring down the evil house, you will love all that Nun Attack has to offer. Especially at a free price tag down from a $1.00.

Thanks to black Friday and the sales from everyone it is my guess that Frima Studios decided to jump on the bandwagon and make their game free as well. Although it will probably stay this way now which is all the more incentive to pick it up and give it a go. Remember, Nun Attack is Free-To-Play but does have micro transactions within the game. You are not required to utilize these at all as they are purely optional for those of you that want to speed the mayhem along. Arcade style fans won't be disappointed. Neither will most of the other people just looking for a fun game to knock out some down time.






Toy Defense From Malesta Games Hits Android; Wage War With Toys!

Tower defense games seem to be a dime a dozen. You can find all kinds of them in the Play Store and a lot of them are very good. Malesta games has decided not to stray too far from the style of game we love but definitely changed the dynamic a little with making the entire game with a toy soldier type of feel.

It's the type of tower defense game were used to, turrets, other types of weapons and enemies charging your base and you must defend as long as you can. The twist here is that everything has a toy theme. Which, if you were me, takes you to back to playing with G.I. Joes and those little toy army soldiers and tanks.

The game boasts 24 levels and waves of enemies to last through with upgradeable turrets and defense weaponry as well as towers that you can repair and revive if you happen to lose your ground a little. The game is free in the play store so if you're a tower defense fan or just looking for something fun to play that doesn't cost, Toy Defense will surely fit your needs.





Alien VS Predator: Evolution Gets More Screenshot Love Thanks To Angry Mob Games And Fox Entertainment

Not too long ago we covered that Angry Mob games, the creators of other titles like Guerrilla Bob and Muffin Knight, was teaming up with Fox Entertainment to bring us an Alien VS Predator game called Alien VS Predator: Evolution. A couple of weeks ago they released a different game named simply Predators that lets you play as one of the otherworldly hunters and you can assassinate tons of human intruders. Sounds fun right? Well it seems that Angry Mob Games and Fox want to make sure that we don't forget about their upcoming game because they are showing off some new screenshots to entice us a little further.

The game is being developed using the Unity 3D engine. Big points here as this always makes a game look really good. The game will have plenty of killing and blood spilling for the gore lovers, and will let you traverse through 24 different levels while switching back and forth between the Alien and Predator characters, each with their own story-line to unfold into the plot of the game.

Plenty of hack and slash fun is to be expected here and we only have to wait till around the turn of the new year before we can get our hands on it, or so it's been said by Angry Mob. The game was slated for release this month, but looks like we'll just have to wait a little bit longer.