Droid Daily 11/7/12: HTC One S, Galaxy Note 2, HTC One SV, Xperia T, and More


HTC One S now available on T-Mobile in Black

Today, T-Mobile launched the Black version of the HTC One S. It's available now for free from T-Mobile after a $50 mail-in Rebate. There are no other changes to the device other than the color.


Sprint's Galaxy Note 2 getting OTA Update


The Sprint Galaxy Note 2 gets it's first OTA today, build L900VPALJC. This update brings the multi-window feature and much more.

HTC One SV with LTE for Australia, Singapore and Europe


Lately HTC has been pretty busy. They've announced the One X+, One VX, One SV, and a few Windows 8 phones. Now it looks like the One SV is heading to a few more countries with LTE.

Xperia T and TX getting OTA's

Today both the Xperia T and Xperia TX are getting an OTA update. Not the AT&T version though. It is still ICS, but it brings some great new features. Including Wi-Fi Miracast display mirroring, and extended standby mode.


T-Mobile introducing "Bridge to Value" to Help move customers from Classic to Value Plans

If you're getting the Nexus 4, you're probably going to get the Value plans since that's the cheapest way to get unlimited data without being over charged for the Nexus 4.T-Mobile is looking to now bridge classic plan customers over to value plans. More Information

OUYA Doing pre-orders for Early Access Dev Kits


If you can't wait two more months for OUYA dev kits to come out, then you can request an early one for just $800 now.

Huawei Ascend D1 Quad XL coming to WIND Canada

WIND, a Canadian carrier, is set to launch the Huawei Ascend D1 Quad XL . But so far there's no word on pricing or launch dates. But expect the full price to be around $450-500.


First 4G smartphone in Mexico? The Motorola RAZR HD

Mexican Carrier, Telco is bringing the Motorola RAZR HD to Mexico as the countries first 4G smartphone. And yes, that's 4G LTE, not just HSPA+. Kind of wish it was the Razr Maxx HD that made it's way to Mexico, but being their first LTE device its not a bad start for Telco.

LG Optimus G on Sprint to get an OTA on release day


The Sprint version of the LG Optimus G is set for release this Sunday. It's also set for an update to come out this Sunday. And no it's not Jelly Bean. Just a normal bug fix/enhancement update.