Droid Daily 11/27/12: AnTuTu, Andru, Google, Nexus 4, Motorola and More


F-Droid hits the Play Store

F-Droid is said to be the FOSS application store for you Android phone. One of the best applications in the open source market today. Grab it from the Play Store.

Nexus 4 Back in Stock on T-Mobile Website

Well the Nexus 4 made an appearance on T-Mobile USA's website today. It actually lasted longer than the it did on the Play Store today. Either way its still a hot item.


Orange UK and Facebook Launch "Party Call"

Together the UK carrier, Orange, and social network giant, Facebook launched a new social networking based calling service called Party Call. It's said to be even more integrated than T-Mobile's Bobsled.

Google Settles lawsuit over Motorola's use of Haptic Feedback


Well Google settles one of their many lawsuits. Well technically it's a Motorola lawsuit. But their lawsuit with Immersion has now been settled and all is good again.

Blue Skies Live Wallpaper updated for Android 4.2

The popular Blue Skies Live Wallpaper has now been updated to work with Android 4.2's daydreams. Giving you another daydream option. My favorite is still Jelly Beanflinger.


Your Favorite Android USB Charger now a Dark Edition

Andru is now available in a Dark edition. The USB charger is available now for just $25. If you aren't aware of Andru, it's a Android figurine that is also a charger and looks pretty cool.

AnTuTu Benchmark App updated to v3



AnTuTu Benchmark app was updated this week and is now AnTuTu Benchmark 3. It now supports the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro, so the Nexus 4 should be seeing better AnTuTu Benchmark scores now. Grab it from the Play Store