Could the Nexus 4 Pricing Entice other Android Manufacturers to Sell Devices at that Price Point?

There's no doubt about it, the Nexus 4 shocked the entire world. After it shocked us, we learned the price for the unlocked version, just $299 for the 8GB and $349 for the 16GB version. That's pretty cheap compared to other unlocked Android phones with half the specs of the Nexus 4. It's hard to find a quality Android device for under $500 unlocked (of full price on those CDMA carriers). So how will these other Android manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, ZTE and others react to the pricing of the Nexus 4? Those on Prepaid are going to find a hard time not buying the Nexus 4. Especially since they pay full price for their device anyways.

Among many others, I'd love to see prices of new Android phones go down tremendously. Quite frankly we pay way to much for our devices. Especially where they usually don't last a year. And most manufacturers don't support the device past 9 months often times. Which is kind of sad, when we pay almost $600-700 for the device. So what would it take to get other manufacturers to compete with the Nexus devices, price-wise?

Most of you probably know by now, that when you own an Android device, whether it be a phone or tablet, your whole life is inside Google and their services now. All your documents on Google Drive, all your pictures are in Picasa/Google+, all your movies, music and apps are from Google Play and work in their specific apps. Now leaving Android and going to a new platform like iOS or Windows Phone, is going to cost you quite a bit. A lot of your favorite apps on Android are not free on iOS. We've found that most people don't switch platforms often because they are so invested in their current mobile platform of choice.

Now let's look at the difference in pricing between the Play Store and other retailers for the Nexus 4. We've seen reports in the past week, showing that in other parts of the world the Nexus 4 is going to cost around $500-600 unlocked. Even directly from LG in area's of the world where the Play Store isn't available, the Nexus 4 is selling for almost double what Google is asking for it. Why? Profit. That's about it. Google is selling it to get you to use their services, hints the small storage space, and they make money off of you using their products.

While we do support manufacturer's trying to make a profit on their devices, but charging double is pretty insane. I could understand if LG was selling the Nexus 4 for $350/400 or even offering a 32GB for $500. It's still much more reasonable than charging $600 for an 8GB Nexus 4, right? For that price I expect LTE and an SD card slot, as many others would as well.

Earlier this week we published a piece on the pricing of the Nexus 4, and wondering if Google was somehow subsidizing it. Based on what I wrote above, I'd say yes. But not in the normal way that carriers do. They are counting on you using their services. Which of course you will. So I'm fine with Google subsidizing their Nexus devices. Aren't you?

Having all of the at said, who's planning on buying the Nexus 4 when it goes on sale next week? Which storage capacity are you looking at getting? Let us know in the comments below.

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