Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra Throws out Paper; Ushers in The Note 10.1


How long have we been hearing "think of what this technology could do" and how many times has it been yet another empty phrase? Well, it looks like Samsung and the Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra are looking to put good technology to use. The Orchestra will be using Samsung's Galaxy Note 10.1 tablets from now on instead of traditional paper scorings. There's nothing particularly new when it comes to bringing technology into areas that are devoid of it after all, digital scoring in Sports has saved a whole lot of heartaches.

When it comes to an orchestra though, it makes perfect sense when you think about it; reading scores on a bright and clear display will be a lot easier in a darkened room when it comes to performances and the Note 10.1 will bring collaboration like never seen before. Keeping in check of a whole group of talented performers must be hard work but, with a connected device such as this it stands to reason that notes and scores could be shared super easily. Samsung will be giving specialised versions of the tablet to the orchestra that come with NeoScores software built in to make sharing of scores a lot easier.

There's a lot that such a co-operation can bring to the orchestra as they'll apparently save some €25,000 in paper and let's not forget how easy it'll be to get to the next page whilst playing. It's certainyl an interesting use of technology and we can see why Samsung have partnered with one of the most prestigious Symphonic Orchestras in the world – it makes for great advertising. This is a really goo use of the Note 10.1 and we'd love to hear what you use yours for or what you would do! It's this type of real-world application that Samsung need to show off to make the Note line a real success and we're hoping that this is the first of many such examples. Take a look at the video from Samsung to see if they're making sweet music or not:


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