Before Release: HTC Droid DNA Gets Rooted, Custom Recovery and a Modified Kernel

November 15, 2012 - Written By Alexander Maxham

How much do you love the Android developer community? I know I love them a lot, without them I wouldn’t have Android 4.1 the day after it was announced on my Sprint Galaxy Nexus. And now the developer community has hit once again. For our friends over on Verizon looking to get the Droid DNA when it releases, or have already pre-ordered it, you’ll be happy to know it has been rooted!

Not only has root been achieved. But also a custom recovery and a modified kernel have been released. Now for the shocker. We all know how Verizon likes to keep their bootloaders locked down right? Well, the Droid DNA is able to be unlocked on HTC Dev’s website. Rooting the device is very simple: download the file, unzip, and flash in recovery, which installs the su binary and busybox. That’s it. Now what about S-Off and S-On.

As you probably already know, you will NOT be able to write to the system partition while booted if the DNA is S-On. S-Off will need to be achieved before that is possible. So it looks like all we need now is some S-Off and developers and crack flashers are all set.

Who pre-ordered the Droid DNA already?