Attention: The Nexus 10 32GB is Back in Stock in the Play Store

November 20, 2012 - Written By Tom Dawson

Last week’s launch of the new Nexus devices was anything but smooth in fact, it was one of the worst product launches of the year and Google really let people down with how little preparation they did beforehand. There were server errors all over the place and those that managed to place an order in the few minutes that the Store went live, still went without the Nexus that they had been patiently waiting for. The Nexus 10 fared a little better and while the 16GB model stayed in stock for a pretty long time the 32GB model went in a flash.

This tells us a couple things that 1: the Nexus 10 is a popular device and 2: that people really do want more physical storage. For those of you that were looking to get hold of the Nexus 10 in its 32GB flavor may not have to wait too much longer, just so long as you’re quick as the device is now back in stock on the Play Store. There’s no telling how long this’ll last for but if you want one, you’re better off just getting in there getting it done as soon as you can.

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