AT&T Planning to Invest $14Bn in Network Improvements

cell tower

AT&T has plans to cover 300m people with 4G LTE by the end of Next year. AT&T is planning to spend $14Bn on network improvements over the next three years time. $8Bn from that would be used for its wireless network – that's a pretty good news keeping in mind that there are lot of Android phones on the network with 4G LTE capability.

AT&T has named this project Velocity IP. The project also includes getting consumers 4G connections where having broadband connection is difficult. This means AT&T customers that reside in areas where Wireline and wireless signals are weak can now enjoy full coverage with the Velocity project.

So, if you're one of the faithful AT&T customers who owns a 4G enabled phone but doesn't have 4G coverage in the area then this new project might bring you the high-speed cell phone coverage. Originally, AT&T had plans to cover 250mn people by the end of 2012 but with the addition of extra 12 months they brought up the total number of people to 300mn.

AT&T acquired spectrum through nearly 40 deals this year thus the expansion of its services. AT&T has plans to acquire more spectrum that means much better coverage and bringing 4G coverage to more people across the nation.