Apple versus Samsung: Apple Wants Court to Add 6 More Devices including Samsung Galaxy Note II!


As December 6th gets closer and closer Samsung and Apple have definitely started making mad dashes to include things into the court case to make their sides stronger for their second trial, which will begin March of 2014. Recently, Samsung attorneys were granted access to the HTC-Apple agreement, which could make the case even more interesting as the agreement details was to remain confidential. Apple has definitely shot back, and is now asking the court for a slew of devices to now be added to the case. They asked for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S3, and the Note just last week.

It comes as no surprise that Apple is trying to step up their game now that the deal between them and HTC has been released to Samsung attorneys.  It's been a back and forth battle of these two companies adding devices to the cases that I often wonder when the Judges will just say enough. However, the courts tried to make the two conglomerates settle, and it was just a huge fail.


Apple has now asked some devices running Android 4.1 be included into the case. This includes the Samsung Galaxy S III, which was requested last week, the Samsung Galaxy Note II, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Wi Fi that has Android 4.0 as its OS. They have also requested the following devices as well:

  • Samsung GALAXY Tab 2 1`0.1
  • Samsung Galaxy Ruby Pro
  • Samsung Galaxy SIII mini

As soon as Apple adds devices to the case, Samsung's fights back as they have also requested the following devices be added:

  • Apple iPhone 5
  • Fourth Generation Apple iPad
  • Apple iPad mini
  • Fifth Generation Apple iPod Touch

I know I'm not surprised at all to see these devices, as there were bold statements made on Samsung's part that they would indeed go after the iPhone 5 if it had LTE. Apple seems to have one agenda in mind, that if Samsung can request fifth generation devices like the iPod touch, the devices they have requested deserve to be added as well.


I am definitely curious to see what will become of the December 6th hearing. Even though specific Android operating systems are outlined within the requests, Apple made it clear they did not want to go after the OS. They stated:

"Apple does not seek to accuse the Jelly Bean or the Ice Cream Sandwich platforms operating on any Samsung device."

Apple felt that even though devices have not been updated, there is no reason the devices shouldn't be considered. Ha! That is quite funny, this whole case is rather hilarious, and in my mind downright childish. Two huge money-making companies fighting like little children. One adds a list of devices then the other one has to add a list of devices as well. It is ridiculous right? Now I will be the first to admit I am not an Apple supporter, but this is ridiculous on BOTH sides!


There is talk of attempts of peace being made between the two companies, but I highly doubt seeing this happen as neither side is really willing to negotiate at a decent level and the courts have already tried this attempt. It will definitely be an uphill battle, and a strong one at that. Does anyone, Apple supporter or Android supporter, think that this is getting ridiculous?


Sources: Phone Arena