Apple Given 48hrs by UK High Court To Correct “Non-Compliant” Apology Statement on iPad Ruling

November 1, 2012 - Written By Tom Dawson

Last month we brought you news that Apple had complied with the UK High Court’s order of having to display an apology concerning Apple’s insistence that Samsung copied the design of the iPad for their Galaxy Tab line. Apple did post a notice on their website however, as we pointed out, it was ridiculously hard to see and in fact flaunted the UK ruling. In true Apple style, the statement displayed was more of a condemnation against Samsung than anything else, alluding to the fact the court found the Galaxy Tab “not as cool” throughout.  Whilst that may have been the case, it was hardly the point that the UK High Court wanted Apple to make, quite the opposite, the court ordered Apple to apologize to Samsung publicly for the damage caused to their reputation. Something I feel was just as Apple have played the game of bullying their competitors for far too long.

Apple’s statement has been found to be “non-compliant” by the Court and they have now been given just 48 hours to change this statement to something that suits the courts better and also follows the original order more closely. When you come to think of it, it’s hardly surprising to see Apple pull something like this and at the end of the day, we’re just happy to see them get what they deserve. Apple’s legal team did approach the court with the idea that it would take them 14 days to get a new statement together, something the Court wasn’t impressed with and simply “couldn’t believe”. The new statement is required to be displayed until December 14th.

It’s good to see that Apple will have to suck it up and actually do what they’re told to do by the courts, for once. For so long now, Apple’s legal team have tried their best to weedle out of anything and everything that they can. I’m more than happy to see the UK High Court firmly put their foot down.