Apple App Store Revenue Still Way Ahead of Google Play Store, Yet Google Continue to Gain

November 29, 2012 - Written By Christina Gardner

Apple versus Android (Google) is a huge controversy these days among the Mobile community. You’re either on one side of the playing field or the other.  It’s not often you find supporters of both, but they indeed are out there. There’s always news about who’s doing what, and are they doing better than the other. Just recently, App Annie provided a monthly report showing statistics and analysis of both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. What were App Annie’s findings?

The first analysis found was that the Apple App Store generates FOUR TIMES the revenue of the Google Play Store. I know for Android lovers that is a hard thing to take in, right?

It’s interesting because 75% of smartphones today are indeed Android based. So what does this say about the Google Play store, that they are doomed? No, No, even though Apple is a bit above, the Play Store still rose 311% in their revenue for “year-to-date,” which is a higher percentage then Apple’s as they only rose 12.9%.

They also reported that the United States is no longer the top country for Play Store revenue either. Who took the top spot? Japan actually came into the top spot as of October leaving the US out of being number one which hasn’t happened since January of 2012.

Bertrand Schmitt, CEO of App Annie said:

“Japan has seen tremendous revenue growth in the last few months, thanks to the average revenue per user being significantly higher than in other countries, considering that download volume in Japan is a only a quarter that of the U.S. This represents a major tectonic shift in the international app store economy, and one that I’m sure publishers will be looking to take advantage of.”

If you look at the developer statistics provided by App Annie you’d notice that the top devs are located in Japan, followed by South Korea, then the US, South Korea again, Japan, France, and South Korea again at the bottom. Whoa…. The United States was only on there once.

Even though revenue statistics show Apple soaring above Android this can change in the blink of an eye as more and more Android phones become available across the globe. However, it has been noted that Android users do not purchase apps as often as iOS users. Interesting….  Could this be a trend the Android community could try to take on? How about it? Should we start helping get Google above and beyond Apple? My vote is YES!


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