Apple "Apologize" in UK Press; Is it Any Better in Print?

It's perhaps not as funny as we continue to think it is but, the fact that Apple have been ordered to apologize throughout the press in the UK is really quite gratifying. For too long, Apple have been trying their very best to drag other companies' names through the mud, whether it be up on stage in yet another comparison or through the courts and the press as they did with Samsung. If you'll recall, Apple lost their case in the UK High Court surrounding the design of their iPad and the notion that the Galaxy Tab was a copy of this design. The UK court found the device to be "not as cool" as the iPad and went on to say that it lacked Apple's "minimalism". Apple were subsequently ordered to publicly apologize in the printed press and on their website as well, in order to make up for some of the damage the court felt done to Samsung's reputation.

Apple's legal team did everything they could to get away with not performing this order, they appealed and were denied and when they finally put up the apology on their website, as we pointed out, it was a pretty laughable attempt at conforming with the order. The UK High Court were, understandably, unhappy with this and ordered them to better comply with the order, stating Apple's first attempt was "non-compliant".

Well, as we wait for what I'm sure will be an amusing redux of their original "apology" on their website, the printed copy of the apology has been printed in the UK Press. Found on pg 5 of the Guardian the statement is below, a little more clearly, thanks to Engadget. Again, Apple have tried their best not to comply with the order, it's more an acknowledgement than it is anything else. At this point, I'm beginning to think that it's Apple that look like the spoilt baby with Samsung playing a rather adult role in all of this. Well, Apple will be Apple we suppose.


[Source: Gizmodo UK]

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