Angry Birds Star Wars Updated; Hoth on Approach


Your only hope for fun gameplay involving flinging birds across a touchscreen has been updated with more levels and more fun. That's right folks, there is more Angry Birds Star Wars fun here already. The new update brings with it the frozen Ice Planet of Hoth – just in time for the winter! There are 20 more levels for you to take a go at and they bring with it some stunning memories from Empire Strikes Back – AT-AT anyone? Or is that PIG-AT?

As well as the inclusion of Hoth to the game, Rovio has given you some backup – in the form of Princess Leia, I know it doesn't sound like much but hear me out. The pink bird is now dressed up as our favorite intergalactic Princess and has a gravity disruptor that will bring items crashing to the ground. Making it a little easier to bring down the Imperial Pig army, although, I would have liked to see some form of rope to bring tha AT-AT crashing down, you know?


This isn't all that's been added either, as Rovio has added two new bonus levels, a Golden Droid and a bonus level unlocked when you collect 385 stars throughout the campaign. These might seem like trivial additions but, they're enough to keep the game fresh and thanks to the Star Wars setting, updates don't look and feel like more of the same Angry Birds – they actually feel like something new. There are more levels coming as well, with a further 20 levels on Hoth listed as "coming soon", we wouldn't be surprised if we saw Rovio update the game with some levels from the prequel trilogy – but lets not fight over which is better here, ok guys?

For those of you that haven't played the game – it's well worth a look and you can always check out our review of the game here.

I'm interested to hear from our readers on this, it's a long time since Angry Birds first hit Android – does the formula still work or has it now ran its course? There's a lot to love about Angry Birds Star Wars, but is it still just the same old game? Can Rovio continue the franchise with partnerships like this or will they soon run out of steam?

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