Angry Birds Soda Outsells Coca-Cola and Pepsi in Finland


There really is no stopping Rovio and their Angry Birds, it seems that the Finnish company is on a path to world domination. Merchandise is fast becoming the company's biggest and most successful weapon. Even in the UK where I am, Angry Birds stuff is freaking everywhere, it's hard to go into a shop without seeing that red bird staying you back in the face. We've got alsorts over here, there are stationary sets with the birds on them, a trading card game and more! It's pretty insane and yet it doesn't seem that the world has gotten all that tired of it just yet, perhaps because the merchandise roll out has gone under the radar of most people or perhaps it's because we all secretly love the game?

After all, while it might be getting a little old, we can all put our hands up and say we've tried the latest version, hell, I spent quite a bit of time with Angry Birds: Star Wars and had quite a bit of fun with it as well. For a long time now, Angry Birds was the benchmark of a decent Android device, if it ran Angry Birds then it must be good, right?! Thankfully there are now more important questions to be answered when it comes to smartphone and tablet use but the fact remains, we still love Angry Birds.

Which is no surprise that an Angry Birds soda is taking over shelves in Finland right now, and that it's "ahead of Coke and Pepsi", at the Slush conference in Finland right now, the company's CMO, Peter Vesterbacka expressed his pleasure with the drink. He also went on to say that the drink should be launching in New Zealand and Australia soon, disappointing that there's no love for the UK or the US just yet but I doubt it's too far away. The drink is said to be pretty fruity and almost a little bit like Lilt but more Apple-y.


So, what do you think, is soda bearing the Birds a little too far or is it all just a bit of fun? Perhaps a partnership with Pepsi or Coca-Cola – Pepsi man, myself – would have been better? All in all though, it just goes to show just how successful something like this can become in such a short time period.

[Source: The Next Web]

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