Android Game Spotlight: Nun Attack

Who says church has to be all about praising his word on high? Let's break it down to the nitty-gritty. There are evil demons abound and who's going to stop them? You? Think again. This is a job for the badass nuns in Nun Attack. Sworn allegiance to the people, these nuns are here to protect the world from the horrors that have been unleashed by the one nun gone bad.

You start the game off as Eva who seems to be the leader of the nuns. As you make your way through the game you will start to unlock the other nuns to help you on your quest for vengeance. Each nun possesses a special ability that can boost your performance. Eva casts out a second ghostly image of herself to help you fight. Pretty sweet if you ask me and an extra gun can come in handy at times. The style of play is and feels a lot like Battleheart and Zombieville USA from Mika Mobile. Where you swipe your finger across the screen from your character to the point on-screen where you want them to go. You can manage where each nun goes and attacks by dragging your finger to a point on-screen to dodge an oncoming attack or to force your own attack on an enemy. Each nun has her own life supply bar, so be weary of where each bar sits at any given moment.

While traveling through your adventures you will come across evil spawn gates that you must reach in order to dispose of the enemies within and destroy the gate itself. Each enemy kill will usually boast a certain amount of gold coins for you to obtain which you can use to buy new weapons or upgrade the abilities of your existing ones. There are over 80 different guns to choose from with a varied amount of damage enhancement effects like poison, shock, freeze, burn, Damage Over Time, stun, slow, Area Of Effect, and a few others. With an arsenal like that it should keep things fun and fresh. Certain weapon and damage effect combinations will more than likely be a better choice than others at times, as some enemies will have weaknesses to specific effects.

There are over 40 missions with multiple levels where you can engage in more than 150 battles. On top of this there are 3 epic boss fights to give you an extra challenge, and if that wasn't enough, (you had to know this was coming) you can stand-off against the Fallen Nun herself in a final battle to decide the fate of the world. All this should keep you busy for quite some time.

You will have four different characters (nuns) to choose from during your adventure against the Fallen Nun and her evil spawn, each of them having their very own original personality and special abilities. Throughout the game you will also be able to use "miracles" which will help you smite down any evil monsters you come across. Seven total miracles in all to choose from and cast upon your enemies.The game is Free-To-Play so this shouldn't be too hard of a decision to pick up and play. There is a full store available for item and weapon purchases though that will give you access to some micro transactions or "in game purchases" if you wish to speed things along. So far the game is well worth the time I have put into it. Easy controls and a great background story make this game fun and any fan of action-arcade style games will want to check this one out.


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