Android Game Spotlight: Beat Hazard Ultra

I love me some music. All day every day. I also love my games. Why not mash them together? Thanks to Cold Beam Games I now can play my games to my favorite music anytime anywhere. Enter Beat Hazard Ultra. One hell of a different Bullet Hell Shooter. Beat Hazard Ultra aims to take what you know about the genre and drive it in a different direction. They don't do away with what we love about it. No sir. (or ma'am) They just add the insanely crazy and awesome feature of playing the game to your very own music library. Internet radio stations are used as well.

The game lets you choose a few different ways to play. You can select quick play with one stick or two sticks. One stick lets you move your ship around and it will auto spin for you while shooting all your ultra-mayhem weapons of mass destruction at your enemies of impending doom, and two stick lets you control the ships placement as well as directional movement, so obviously a lot harder as you have to control where the ship fires and this a quite a challenge. In addition to those two options, you can choose regular play, and then proceed to select one of three different modes: Survival, Boss-Rush, and Chill-Out. Survival mode is just like how it sounds. You select your music track, level difficulty, and level length, and away you go; surviving as long as you can. Boss-Rush is just full of bosses. Could you tell by the name? The last mode, Chill-Out seems to be just an endless play mode where you can die, but you have infinite lives and tons of items and perks to use. Choose your track in this game or choose an internet radio station and the play can last for literally hours. This is the mode you want to choose if you would like to get used to the game controls and item and perk abilities during a period of extended play.

As you play through either the quick play or regular play options and any of the modes except chill-out, you will rank up and gain levels as well as in-game cash to purchase more perks and items for use while in the game. There are over 23 perks to choose from that can help you smash through levels with ease or just completely destroy a high score that you are tired of staring at. Each perk is fully upgrade-able to a higher level of power for more potency. This is nice considering the game can get pretty hard if you're on the expert difficulty. There are even two other unlockable difficulties for those PROS of the Bullet Hell Shooter genre. Think you got what it takes? Pick this game up and see if you can withstand the insane difficulty. You will die I promise you. If you fancy yourself a fan of this type of game, check out Beat Hazard Ultra now. If you do not want to pay the $1.99 for this truly awesome game you can try it out with the demo download. Once you get into it though I'm fairly confident that you will want to purchase the full game. Let the Beats begin!

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