Android Game Spotlight: Angry Birds Star Wars

To infinity and .... Wait that's the wrong intergalactic reference. In a galaxy far, far away... Otherwise known as Finland, Rovio Mobile released its newest title into the play store as part of the Angry Birds franchise. In partnership with LucasFilm, Angry Birds Star Wars was brought to light and the force within us all can help us defeat the imperial piggies world by world. So long as you have Android 2.2 and up of course. Are there very many people on anything below that now? Moving on, the game was available right at midnight (just as I suspected) right after the Google + Hangout with Rovio and LucasFilm at IGN studios. Did anyone happen to go to this event by the way? I watched the entire video it was pretty cool. Ill post it at the end for all of you who may have missed it and would like to see it.

Right from the get go, Angry Birds Star Wars grabbed me in and I played for about an hour before I got tired and had to pass out for the evening. As soon as you boot it up, Star Wars fans get that familiar sound of the theme music and are greeted by the games logo. One of the cool little gems I have noticed about the main menu and level menus is that things seem to be available to interact with. For example, on the main menu you will see imperial tie fighters zoom by and if you tap them you can blow them to bits! Pretty cool. You start the game off in Tatooine, of which there are 120 levels to go through and three star. From there you travel to the death star(which for me is currently locked so im not sure how many levels there are). Next up but listed as coming soon as a free update is Hoth. You know the snow planet with all the big imperial walker robots. Path of the Jedi is yet another series of levels for you to blow through. This last set of levels is available in the free version as an in app purchase but if you buy the HD version it comes for free. So far it seems like Rovio has supplied us with a lot of content with more to come in free future updates as usual, which will make this truly Star Wars-esque and episodic.  On top of all of this though are 33 bonus levels which you can obtain access to by racking up a certain number of stars.

All the familiar characters are here in the game. You start off as Luke Skywalker(the red bird) and then go through a couple levels before you meet Obi Wan and you use his special force push ability to help you down some enemy pigs. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that each bird will end up with special abilities to help you achieve that ever popular goal of three stars per level. This helps keep things true to the Star Wars story as close as possible. Other fan favorites such as Han solo, Chewbacca, Leia, C3PO and R2-D2 are playable characters as well. The last two end up being playable as birds in the bonus levels which you must unlock. You can even gain enough stars to call upon the Mighty Falcon ship to reign down destruction for help if you get stuck.

If you watch the entire video with Rovio  you'll gather this little tidbit of information, but im happy to report that the Golden eggs have made their way back into this game. Rovio did mention though that they're considerably harder to obtain, so if you can get them all, you are one die-hard Angry Birds Star Wars fan. After a long, long absence from the Angry Birds series, this game has brought back the fun I had from the beginning. The game is available for free or for $2.99 in the play store. If you like Angry Birds, Star Wars, or both then I recommend you go and pick this up right away. It will not disappoint.


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