4K 3D TVs Powered By Android To Debut At CES 2013

hisense 4k android tv

Android is found in all sorts of phones and tablets in all shapes and sizes, but when it comes to TVs, not so much. There is Google TV but that didn’t necessarily catch on, plus Google has been pretty bad at pushing out updates. At this point, many are already considering the platform dead.

Fortunately, various manufacturers are working on their own builds of Android for TVs and one company by the name of Hisense looks to step things up a notch. At CES 2013, they’ll be showing off their line of 4K or 2160p televisions that will be running Android 4.0 and are capable of 3D.

There aren’t a whole lot of details at this point, but from their press release, a 50 inch, 58 inch, and 65 inch will debut as part of their XT880 line. Ultra high definition 2160p displays aren’t all. 3D will be standard and everything will be powered by a dual-core ARM processor with 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on the software front.

Browsing the web, playing games, using social networks, and all the things you’d expect from an Internet enabled TV, including the ability to do video chats with Skype.

If you’re going to CES 2013, these next generation TVs will be on display at booth #7243. In the meantime, January is getting very close and keep posted for all the cool products that are sure to come out of the World’s largest tech event.