Want the Android 4.2 Camera with Photo Sphere on your Galaxy Nexus? Here ya Go! [Updated]

Android 4.2 Jelly Bean

Since Android 4.2 was announced on Monday, we’ve been seeing leaks of apk’s for new features, and they won’t be slowing down. Yesterday we saw the leak for the Android 4.2 keyboard, which then got removed at Google’s request. Today the camera apk has made it’s way to the interwebs. This apk includes the new Photo Sphere feature that Google showed off with the Nexus 4.

We have instructions and the download link below. But it’s important we inform you that this will only work on the Galaxy Nexus.


1.  Download the 4.2Camera.zip (mirror) file.
2.  Place the zip file on the root of your phone’s storage.
3.  Reboot into your recovery.
4.  Just in case, make a backup.
5.  Flash the 4.2Camera.zip file. (No need to wipe anything)
6.  Once installed, reboot your phone.
7.  Lastly, enjoy it!

Let us know how you like the new camera if you do take the plunge to install it on your Galaxy Nexus.

Update: The folks over at Android Police have patched the 4.2 camera zip file to work on any Android device. Head to their website for information.

Source:  XDA and AndroidCentral Forums