The Nexus 10 vs iPad vs Kindle Fire HD vs Microsoft Surface


With all of the news of the new Nexus 10 tablet, many are wondering how it stacks up. We have you covered here at Android Headlines. We put the Nexus 10, iPad with Retina Display, Kindle Fire HD 8.9, and the new Microsoft Surface RT.

Screen Size:
We award screen size to the Microsoft Surface coming in at 10.6" with the Kindle Fire coming in last with a 8.9" screen.


Screen Resolution & Screen Density:
This goes to the Nexus 10 because of its 2560×1600 and 300ppi making it one of the best screens on the market. With the Microsoft Surface coming in last with a 1366×768 and a low 147ppi for a 10" display.

CPU Core Count & Frequency:
First place goes to both the Nexus 10 and Surface. We did this because the Nexus 7 runs at the highest 1.7Ghz, while the Surface runs a Quad-Core processor made by Nvidia. The iPad comes in last running only a dual core processor and a reported 1.3Ghz. While core count and frequency doesn't always mean the best results the A15 chip inside the Nexus 10 is one of Samsung's newest chips.

Thickness & Weight:
The Kindle Fire takes to gold in both thinness and light categories. However with its 8.9" screen size this should have been expected. The iPad comes in as the thickest at .01mm thicker than the Surface. While the Surface out weights the competition by more than 18g.


Both the iPad and Nexus 10 have a 5 MP camera on the back, while the Nexus 10 has the best front facing camera coming in at 1.9 MP. The Kindle Fire doesn't have a back facing camera at all. We put both the Kindle Fire and Surface in last as they don't report MP size of their front facing, and in the Surface's case, back facing camera.

Wireless communications:
While the Nexus 10 lacks support of 802.11a and Cellular. It is the only tablet to include NFC and Bluetooth. All the other tablets support 802.11a and Bluetooth, none of them have NFC. Which has been a growing request in hardware lately. For this we are going to award the Nexus 10 the win in this round due to 802.11a not being used as much as 802.11n and while 802.11a might be in use, generally 802.11b/g/n is normally always available with it. However with NFC being a growing feature on more and more phones it seems the other tablets are just left behind in this exciting new technology.

Storage & Memory:
We award this to the iPad as it's the only tablet with a 16/32/64GB option. While the Kindle Fire Pro losses this. As it highly limits customer choice because only 16/32GB is available via WiFi only model, and 32/64GB being available via the 4G LTE model. The memory was tied with the Nexus 10 and Surface both having 2GB of memory. While the iPad and Kindle only has 1GB.


Connectors & Plugs:
The winner in this category is the Surface as it has both full side USB and HDMI, it doesn't require any special wiring for it. While the iPad comes in last as it requires an Apple only connector and having no HDMI

Over all the tablets had the same sensors. Except the Kindle Fire isn't reported to have a compass. While the Nexus 10 has a Barometer, something common to see in Nexus Devices now. However only the Nexus 10 and 4G version of the iPad had a GPS included in it.

Data Connection:
We are awarding this to the iPad because even though the Kindle Fire has 4G, the iPad is the only tablet to run on both LTE and HSPA+ Networks.


This was a tricky category. Although the Kindle Fire is the cheapest tablet, it is also only running a 8.9" display and falling short on the list quite a bit of times. However if you are looking for a 10" tablet the Nexus 10 is the cheapest and well worth the money as you get more tech per dollar. The iPad's came in last on this category as they were $100 more.

Overall the winner goes to the Nexus 10, with one of the newest processors on the market, as well as being loaded down with the most tech and best display on a tablet. You would be highly upset if you overpaid for the competitions tablets. That would not only run you more, but give you less.

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