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Being a gamer, I know all too well the war between which game console is the best and I tend to keep myself out of those type of 'politics'. I currently own the Nintendo Wii, and the Playstation 3, and no I don't have a favorite! In my mind they all have something awesome and unique.  However, today's great news is for those who own a Xbox. You must love Android as well in order to truly appreciate this news. I know many who love Android are, whether career wise or just hobby wise, some type of technology geek!  So the fact that Android is starting to incorporate gaming consoles is such a special treat for all!  Anyone reading this has at least one gaming console in their home if not all of them. With that said, I give you the SmartGlass app for Xbox lovers.

The SmartGlass app is an application developed for Xbox users. It's main function? It acts as a "rich, interactive" remote control!! How great is that! It also gives Xbox users the ability to connect with your Xbox buddies, view your achievements, and even change your avatar! All from your mobile phone or tablet! Technology advances everyday and I have to say with each advancement I jump with excitement.

With the SmartGlass App you can:

  • Use your device as a remote control
  • Move Media from device to device
  • Have gesture navigation
  • Explore the Web and more!

You can do all of this WHILE watching a movie! How great is that? I would love to be able to share my thoughts hands down on this, but I do not own a Xbox unfortunately. I will share that any app that can perform these functions is a pretty stellar app in my book! I mean who likes having to get up to go grab the remote control? I know I don't, and yes some may say it's laziness, but I view it as technology of the future, and it would be such a waste of brilliance if you were not to use it! Having one central device that can communicate with any other device in the current room is a technology that is getting stronger and stronger  and it shows the power of technology.

Xbox 360 Smart Glass App E3 2012 Overview


There is a con to all this greatness, and that is that you must be on Android 4.0 or higher. Awe, that is so disappointing to hear right? Trust me when I say that Android 4.0 is where you want to be anyways! So do we have any Xbox owners who currently use this app? How do you like it?




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