Samsung Galaxy S3 Sales Highest After iPhone 5 Announced


It would seem as if the winds of change are upon us. As Apple hasn't met its marks for the third quarter in a row now. Samsung broke its past sales records and have doubled the amount of phones shipped when compared to the iPhone. Encase you have missed the news in the third quarter of 2012 Samsung reported 58 million units sold, more than doubling the 26.9 million iPhones sold by Apple. To rub salt in the wound Apple also announced they expect to lose even more next quarter, despite it being the holiday season.
Now Samsung reported that 4 of the 5 best selling weeks for the Galaxy S3 came right after the iPhone 5 announcement. Samsung chief product officer reported

"I was shocked by the numbers, I thought: 'What the heck is going on here?'"


However, one can't wonder if we should really be shocked. Weeks before the iPhone 5 was announced the internet was ablaze with comments saying if the iPhone 5 was the same design as the iPhone 4/4s they would be looking into Android. iPhone 5 users have also said that they wished the phone was bigger overall not just taller.

Some might even wonder if people made the switch due to the patent lawsuits? Best Buy employees have even told me that people come in looking for Samsung products because of a court ruling early this year saying Samsung products are the same as Apple products, but at a lower price point. Others have said online that they will not be upgrading their Mac due to the lawsuits that only threaten to slow down innovation. Whatever the case might be, it would seem that Samsung has taken the throne as the top smartphone supplier.

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