Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S IV to use Exynos 5450 Chipset

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The Galaxy S3 has only been available for a few months now, and rumors of it’s successor are already surfacing. Yesterday Google introduced the Nexus 10 which is built by Samsung, and runs on an Exynos 5 with two Cortex-A15 cores at 1.7GHz and Mali-604 GPU, which is the same chipset as the new Samsung Chromebook announced a couple weeks ago. So rumors that the Galaxy S4 would come with an Exynos 5450 processor comes with no surprise. Especially since that’s a Samsung built processor.

The Exynos 5450 processor is very likely to be in the Galaxy S4. The Exynos 5450 has a quad-core A15 processor, clocked at 2GHz and a beefier Mali-658 GPU. Which means it’ll be a powerful smartphone. Probably more powerful than your desktop. We’ve also seen some early benchmarks of a 604GPU, which already wiped the floor with the competition so the 658 should be even faster. But do benchmarks really matter in the real world?

So the Exynos 5450 might be a bit of a stretch to be in the next generation Galaxy S device, but definitely an Exynos 5250 would be in the device. Especially since Samsung has used it in two other devices already. But there’s still a little more than 6 months before the Galaxy S4 is due to be announced.

Any early predictions on spec’s for the Samsung Galaxy S4? Hit up the comments with your thoughts.

Source: Sammobile