Oh Look, Another Leak; Photos from a Nexus 3 Appear on Picasa

October 29, 2012 - Written By Tom Dawson

What on earth is happening at Google?! Have they had a mid life crisis and decided to make every size Nexus under the sun?! It’s certainly beginning to look that way with the Nexus 7 coming first and confirmed Nexus 4s and Nexus 10s on their way. Making it look like Google is planning to create a family in all kinds of sizes. We’ve had so many leaks happen in just the last week that it’s hard to think if Google were going to announce anything new at all today as I’m sure we all feel like we’ve seen it all before after all, the Nexus 4 at this point feels like a faithful old friend. Last week was mostly the week of the Nexus 10 with the manual surfacing out of Korea and pictures of the full design on show for all.

It all started however with some images being leaked on Picasa from a Googler and whilst this is something that I’m sure a lot of devices have gone through by now, Vic Gundotra then teased his own photos on Google+ making it all but certain that there is in fact a Nexus 10 out there and that we will be seeing it soon. I’m sure Vic had hoped that all would be revealed today however, nature has had other plans. BriefMobile got their hands on an actual unit or, at least it certainly looks like they did. The Nexus 10 is something that we’ve been hearing about for quite some time now and it looks like we’ll be hearing about it more, now that the event has been postponed.

Now, there has been something else that has come out of Picasa’s woodwork, photos that are listed as being taken from a “Nexus 3” built by Samsung. If true, it looks like Samsung could be getting yet another shot at the Nexus name, just not how they thought they would. With LG’s Nexus having the “4” moniker, it’d make sense that the Nexus 3 be a smaller device and, at long last, there might be a device that isn’t packing a huge screen to come with pure Android. If Google were to bring differently sized phones to the table it could certainly show consumers and developers alike the the true scale of Android while Apple is stuck the past, still overpricing tablets and using processors and displays from 2 years ago. The photo is below and it looks like the device could be real but, strangely enough, we haven’t seen anything else from this so, take this with a spoonful of salt.



[Source: SamMobile]