Is The Nexus 4 Your Dream Device?



So much news, is it flowing out of your ears yet? Trust me, it's not over yet, you have plenty of reading material for the next week. It can be said that the Nexus 4 will be "the phone" to outshine the Windows 8 phone,  and possibly even the iPhone 5. Could this be the device that outshines any future devices? Well, it's not my place to make that decision, and I'll wait to see how things go from this point on before I make any assumptions.


So what makes this device so great? Let's go through some of the spendid features of the Nexus 4 and I'll leave you decide if this is your next dream device.

The Nexus 4 Screen

The screen on the Nexus 4 is definitely a big upgrade from it's sibling the Galaxy Nexus.  The screen comes with  4.7" 1280 x 768 dimensions. It has been said that saturation is beyond words, "contrast is deep," and the viewing angles are "fantastic."  When it comes to "touch response,"" lightening reflexes" come to mind.  The biggest recommendation given was to visit your local Sprint and AT&T stores, and hold the Optimus G to witness the true awesome display power. Then once it's in your hands, add an extra 48 pixels and you'll have a bright, vibrant screen that is wider than the Galaxy Nexus' screen,  and will allow you more viewing estate.  How could you pass up such a excellent opportunity?

The Nexus 4 CPU

Now I've heard of the droolings in regards to the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro, and with good reason. It's a great processor! Now take this lightening fast processor and combine it with Android 4.2 and you have one fast, responsive, mobile phone. Oh, did I mention that it one of the fastest processors tested for Android? Don't believe it? Look at the LG Optimius G and you'll see for yourself.


The Nexus 4 Hardware

The Nexus 4 is definitely centered around how it feels in your hand this time around, whereas the Galaxy Nexus was how it felt up against your ear while in calls. The front of the Nexus 4 is sporting a "single piece of glass that wraps around the edges of the phone," which is said to help making swiping more "natural." There is also a peice of glass on the back as well, that is sporting a metallic patteren, and it's one design feature I'm not overly keen on. The piece of glass on the back of the phone was Google's way of keeping the phone from shattering, however I STRONGLY  recommend that you still use a case of some kind.

On top of the glass we have the 2 GB of RAM, which adds to the already great processing speeds! More multi-tasking and less freeze ups, who could ask for more?

The Nexus 4 Software

It came as no surprise that the Nexus 4 would have the latest version of Android, which is Android 4.2 and will be the " new flavor of Jelly Bean." With Android 4.2 comes new notifications features, a better Google Now, the ability to sync your phone with your HDTV, a "gesturing" keyboard, a great way to use your photos with the new photo application, and so much more!


Now, take all of these already fabulous features, and put them in all in one, add a sleek, sexy case design around it, and what do you have?  The LG NEXUS 4!! I have to admit the more I write about the Nexus 4, the more it grows on me and appears to be one gorgeous Nexus flagship phone! What do you think? Is the Nexus 4 your dream phone?


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