How To Stop Your Smartphone Sharing Personal Data With Evildoers?

Wireless technologies are becoming really widespread these days and now, you cannot just impress anyone with a new and the most up-to-date smartphone or a tablet. People use them every day for different purposes: web browsing, communication, games, etc. But there are smartphone owners who use those devices in their business affairs and in that case the safety of the platform they operate is of the highest importance. I'd bet you wouldn't be really happy when someone will crack your smartphone and get your data, such as emails, browsing history, etc. So I'd like to review the main vulnerabilities of modern smartphones based on iOS 6 and Android OS.

The first point will be the results of popular Mobile Pwn2Own contest. Contestants have easily cracked the Samsung Galaxy SIII and iPhone 4S. The vulnerability of Apple's smartphone was hidden in its browser, so hackers managed to upload malicious software to the device, while user browsed the web. The main part of the hack is to make the user to visit hacker's website so malicious software can be uploaded. In a matter of fact guys from Pwn2Own Contest managed to get full access to contacts, emails, files, text messages and many other things. That hack was developed in two weeks. But iPhone is not the only device that can be exploited with that kind of a hack, it works with iPad and iPod as well.

And Samsung Galaxy SIII had its security gap hidden in NFC technology. Hackers managed to create an app that has granted full access to the smartphone, including browsing history, emails, contacts, calls and SMS. That app can be shared with other Android NFC compatible devices and it works in the background so the victim doesn't even know that his or her mobile phone was hacked. That hack works not only with Galaxy S3, but with S2 and with some HTC devices too.

Details about how exactly those devices were hacked are kept in secret of course. But that's not the only vulnerable spot of modern smartphones. If we'll pay attention to US Navy NAVSEA's department experiment we will see that modern gadgets are even more dangerous. The experiment was held by NAVSEA in cooperation with Indiana's University. They have created a special app that takes pictures of everything your camera sees and send them to a server, all together with G-sensors data. Then they've managed to create 3D image compiled of those pictures. That 3D model appeared to be the easier way to steal your sensitive data than using just the taken pictures. You should keep in mind that that app is capable of running on Android 2.3 OS and higher, but there are possibilities to adapt it for iOS and Windows Mobile.

Why our smartphones are so vulnerable to exploits and hacks? The answer is in our way to use them. Statistics tells us that the biggest part of users always grant permissions to programs to manipulate with camera, GPS module and internet connection without any hesitation. So Jammer-Store Inc. can provide you some ways to protect your mobile device. You should always think how the app can use your permission to operate your camera or other things and does that app really need it. Also you should use antivirus software and turn the modules like Wi-Fi or NFC of, if you don't need them right now. Sometimes the best way to provide full security to your smartphone for a short period is using various signal jammers. They will surely knock out all devices' means for communication and will ensure a short period of safety. Keep in mind that if you will use a cell phone jammer you will not be able to make or receive calls so be careful with them!

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