Google's New Nexus Line Could Cause Apple Trouble


Sooner or late it was bound to come out!  We've all been thinking it, but with such a great release from Google what is this going to do for Apple? It's definitely one release that could possibly put Apple on all fours ready to attack.

Apple has released two different iPads within this past  year along with the iPhone 5,  so it's only fair that now it should be Google's turn right? Though some argue that Google did almost the same thing as Apple by releasing the Nexus 7,  and then down the road releasing a better more advanced version of the tablet. However, this Nexus flagship is on a more competitive level  now as there' s no real specific carrier this time besides T-Mobile who we found out earlier is the only carrier recieving the Nexus 4, and it gives the flagship device a wider variety of consumers.   It will be offered totally unlocked on the Google Play store.

With the recent release of the iPad Mini, Apple now has  a range of 3 ranges devices, which are:  the iPhone 5, the iPad, and the iPad mini. Apple had their time, and  now it's Google's turn, yet Google managed to release all 3 in one fell swoop! So what makes Google's devices more challenging than Apple devices?

The first big difference is the Nexus 4 compared to the iPhone 5. The screen definitely takes the win along with the processor being higher up as well. So who wins? The Nexus 4 of course! Next up we have the iPad mini against the Nexus 7. The big difference? The Nexus 7 will now be available on HSPA+ and it's $160 CHEAPER than iPad mini. Lastly, we have the Nexus 10 versus the WiFi iPad. What makes Google's device the winner? PRICE OF COURSE!!

You can clearly see that Google has out shined Apple once again, and you have to wonder, is this Google's way of paying them back for Apple attacking Samsung? It's a possibility. The two companies have definitely gone back and forth saying their product is the better one (not outright of course). For example, Apple says their iPad mini has more screen area then the Nexus 7 whereas Google can shoot back at them saying how outrageous their iPad mini is priced at compared to the Nexus 7.

Apple clearly has gotten a good wave of competition, there's also another contender yet. Microsoft has just unveiled Windows 8,  and the tablet and mobile phone market will start its beginning in the Windows 8 era, so it will be one big war, or will it? Do you think Google will make the top? How do you think Apple will react? Will they get sue happy again and try to go directly for the kill?

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