Google Search Update Brings Extra Features to Google Now

October 29, 2012 - Written By Dilawer Soomro

Google has released an update for the “Google Search” app today that brings much more features and functionalities to Google Now. You can separately update you Google Search app via Google Play without the need to upgrading your Jelly Bean to latest Android 4.2. The new update brings extra improvements to Google Now. New features include more cards like Stock, Concerts, etc also voice actions have been added – that mean you can now also add calendar events via speech.

The best feature that comes with the update is the support for Gmail. It means that you can now get more cards pulled directly from Gmail. Flights, Hotel reservations, Concerts, Bookings, etc can be accessed if you give Google Search the permission to fetch information from your Gmail. If you want to keep it personal then just disable the feature and your emails will be undisturbed. Check out the official Google Now page for all features.

The update is available for all devices using Android 4.1 or higher. If you haven’t already received the notification for the update then head over to Google Play and update it manually or reinstall the app.

Do let us know if you have received the update or not? Do you like it or want something more?