Google Play Now Offering Magazines to Canada; Get Yo’ Periodical On

October 29, 2012 - Written By Tom Dawson

Today has been one hell of a day, am I right? For a company that had cancel their event thanks to the terrible weather, they sure had a lot to announce. They’ve released a bunch of hardware and set the Android 4.2 train free from the station. There’s been a slew of little tidbits that have come out of Google’s Press Playground and with it has been a lot of stuff surrounding the Play Store. It looks like a large portion of the Play Store is ready to go and hit the International tour circuit, bringing music and movies to all over the world. This is all fine and well but some of the most recent additions to the Play Store, such as magazines remained sparse across the globe.

Until now that is, Google have seen fit to expand Google Play magazines to our friends in Canada that have, for some time been longing for the addition, I’m sure. It’s great to see that Google are moving their efforts to other important markets and we hope that this is just the beginning of the Play Store’s expansion. After all, the more people that can experience then the better that content will become. It’s a well known fact that those will all the rights to the content want nothing to do with the little guys. Now that Google have proven that the Play Store is a force to be reckoned with, everybody wants in on the action and it looks like the Play Store is about to get a lot bigger, real fast. In a statement, Google revealed that they were also working with more partners on the Play Store’s Periodical front:

We’re now working with Time, Inc. to bring you even more magazines like InStyle, PEOPLE, TIME and others…We’re now working with all…the major U.S. magazine publishers.” 

So, there you have it, if you live up in Canada then now’s your chance to get hold of some digital magazines because after all, it’s all you’ve been waiting for, right?