Google Bringing Google Music to Europe with Warner Music Group Partnership

October 29, 2012 - Written By Alexander Maxham


Today’s announcements weren’t all about the shiny new Nexus devices. We also have a nice Google Music announcement from Google. They have partnered with Warner Music Group to bring Song Matching. They are also looking to bring Google Music and Song Matching to Europe in November. With the addition of Warner Music Group, Google is now partnered with all the major record labels.

Now onto song matching. It’s exactly what it sounds like. When you upload music from your personal library to Google Music, the service will scan your music against Google’s library and when it matches it, it’ll add that song automatically. No need to spend extra time uploading more files. This is a great feature, and one that Apple introduced last year with iOS 5, except you have to pay for their’s. Google also said all this will be free! This feature will become available on November 13th.

Google is also planning on bringing Google Music to several more countries. Users in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain, won’t be able to buy music from the Google Play Store yet, but they can still enjoy Google music and upload up to 20,000 songs to the cloud. So it is a step closer to enjoying what those of us in the US have had for quite some time now.

So big news for the Google Music product. Anyone excited for this Music Matching service that’ll be launching on November 13th?