Goodbye Old Friend; You Were Good to Us: Galaxy Nexus no Longer on the Play Store


There's something that's pretty inevitable when something new hits the scene: the old guard must make way for the new. Something no more true than when it comes to the Galaxy Nexus, the last device from Google to be sold through the Play Store. It's no longer available to purchase through the store and has now been taking down. It's not surprising that this has happened but what is is that it happened quite so fast after all, the Galaxy Nexus is a device that has more than a bit of life left in it, it's a device that runs Jelly Bean 4.1 extremely well and I'm sure that tit will get update to 4.2.

With the Galaxy Nexus no longer for sale, this is certainly going to push people towards the LG Nexus, as it's the only phone they now sell. There isn't really much point for somebody to go out and buy one second hand now either, unless you can get one for a saweeet deal as the LG Nexus 4 is really quite cheap. The Galaxy Nexus has certainly served us well and whilst I wasn't lucky enough to put one to good use it's been great to see what's come as a result of so many of them being out there. Development on Android has certainly benefited from such a powerful device being open to so many great people. AOKP and CyanogenMod have come on leaps and bounds since the release of the Galaxy Nexus.

The device has served a lot of you out there well and I'm sure many of you will hold to the phone for quite some time and to those of you out there, I salute you. The G.Nex has been a faitful friend to our flashing habits, our kernel abuse and put up with many a random reboot. Jelly Bean 4.2 might well be the last update our friend receives from Google but the devs will keep him alive for as long as they can.

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