Featured: ZTE Will Launch 3D Digital TV Boxes Powered By Android

October 9, 2012 - Written By Mike Stenger

3D TV has been around for a while and quite a few televisions you can pick up at the local store come with some sort of 3D functionality. Of course for most of the technologies, you have to wear 3D glasses and that just hasn’t caught on.

Even though that may be the case, ZTE is planning on launching 3D digital TV boxes that will run none other than Android itself. The set-top boxes are part of 3D television services that are set to hit the market and bring 3D from just movies that you have to buy yourself, to all sorts of different programming through a typical subscription service.

Great concept and idea, but will it catch on? ZTE hopes so and they’ll be selling these 3D set-top boxes to Nagra who commands 70 percent of Europe’s market for cable TV devices and 18 percent of the market globally. Unfortunately, they didn’t release any specs which is kind of disappointing.

Of course this isn’t some device that you can just buy online so therefore including the specs isn’t usually how it’s done. Either way, 3D TV is coming to more homes and if people are ready for it or should I say interested in it, is another thing entirely.