Featured: Zaxxon Escape Now Available on Google Play for $0.99

zaxxon escape

I am what you may call a "90's Kid" at least I was born in 90's, so given that I have no information about what games were hit and hip during the 80's but from what I've gathered, there were some games that you can call superhits in that era and one of that games is a space shooter called Zaxxon by SEGA. It was one of the top games played in Arcades in those days. Well, I may have unintentionally missed the chance to experience this top-class game in its era but SEGA has brought back the fun right onto my favorite platform, Yes! Android.

The 30-year old retro space shooter is back but it's not just a port or HD remake of the original, actually it's a fully revamped sequel to the game dubbed as "Zaxxon Escape" where you have to escape the space fortress, much like other escape genre games like Temple Run, Agent Dash, etc. The gameplay is pretty similar to Temple Run and Agent Dash, you have the same controls like the said games and pretty much the same objective but still it's a joy for the fans of the game, given that there are any left.

The game is now available on Google Play for just $0.99 and consists of 30 different levels that will surely kill a bit of your time. So, do give it a try if you're a true Zaxxon fan or just want to experience what all the hype is about. Check out the trailer below.