Featured: Yandex To Offer An Alternate Android App Store

Yandex.Store is coming soon 105427

Russian Search engine and Internet giant, Yandex ala Google is on a roll for the past couple of days. First they announced a custom browser to compete against Google Chrome and the like of it and now Yandex has announced that they will soon be launching an Android App Store for Android devices that will provide an alternate for Google Play and even Amazon’s App Store. The app store is dubbed as Yandex.Store, that will come packed with up to 40,000 apps right out of the box.

Below is the official description on Yandex’s homepage and how Yandex describes the app store in their own words.

Yandex.Store is a native client that features in-app purchasing, push notifications, advanced app search and payment methods that include mobile billing, credit card and e-money.

To be able to get 40,000 apps right at the beginning Yandex has signed an agreement with Opera Software, that allows the Opera Mobile Store licensed apps and content right from the start. Yandex.Store has a long way to come even remotely close to Google Play that recently passed 25 billion downloads milestone, and also let’s not forget the Amazon App Store that offers a Free app every day. Still, Yandex.Store is seeking OEMs as partners to make their Yandex.Store come pre-installed on some devices. The store will be officially available and functioning at the end of the month, however developers can head over here to get more information.

We’ll keep you updated when the Yandex.Store launches.