Featured: Will the Samsung Galaxy S4 Have 3GB of RAM?

samsung 3gb1

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has been out for almost half a year now. That means it’s time to focus on the next big Galaxy product, right?

Speculation has certainly begun, and it’s only being fueled by images like the one provided by SamMobile. Samsung is reportedly working on new phones that would pack 3GB of RAM for the 2013 lineup. There’s too little detail available to know if this image is a shot of an early S4 prototype or not, but Samsung is making some major tweaks – and not just on the internal hardware.

The other interesting tidbit here is that the company also appears to be working on buttonless designs, so all interaction of the device would take place on the screen. (Be extra careful not to crack that screen!)

So, what does Samsung have in mind for a phone that’s rocking out 3GB of RAM? Is it simply supposed to be a much faster version of the devices we have available now, or are some big developments brewing in the way that Samsung expects people to use their phones? Hopefully, the hardware boost is about something more than just bragging rights.

We’ll have to see. For now, the one thing we can know for certain is that Samsung will keep trying to cram as many hardware advances as possible into their flagship devices.

Sources: SamMobile