Featured: We Know the LG Nexus 4 is Coming but Could HTC Bring the Nexus 5?


At this point, it's all but announced that there is going to be a Nexus device from LG and Google this year. There's been so much evidence to suggest that this is all a done deal. It seems to happen every year – the Nexus device is leaked for all to see before it's announced and released. This time around, we got more than we could have thought: we've had high-resolution pictures, a little video and a whole gamut of benchmarks and analysis.

When it comes to this LG Nexus we've heard a lot about it being called the Nexus 4 and this would make some sense after the Nexus 7 launch however, I can't see Google naming a phone with such a bland moniker. Nevertheless, there has also been rumors of an HTC made Nexus 5 which we've been hearing of ever since we started to see blurry images of a device with red and black theming that looked destined for Verizon. However, today, we saw HTC pull something like a prank on us with the announcement of the Butterfly J for Japan.

The device is packing a 5" 1080p display and certainly looks a lot like the device we had seen in leaked images however, it's only been announced for availability in Japan. This has relit the spark on the Nexus 5 rumors, suggesting that HTC wouldn't want to ship the Butterfly J and a Nexus cut from the same cloth. I can't see Google wishing this either because, this will give people the option to take the HTC Nexus 5 on a carrier as a different but all the same device, not unlike the HTC Desire and Google's Nexus One of yesteryear.

Quite frankly, I'm not sure what to think at this point. I know that our own Alexander Maxham is all but crying out for another HTC Nexus and I certainly wouldn't say no. As much as I want to believe I don't think it's going to happen rather, I think that we'll be seeing the Butterfly J as an exclusive device for Verizon. I think that a Nexus would be fantastic for not just HTC but also for Android however, I just don't see it.

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