Featured: Verizon's HTC Incredible 4G LTE Update Brings ISIS and Other Goodies!





Verizon's HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE has received an upgrade, quick someone write it in the history books for Verizon! I"m just kidding, but we all know how Verizon is when it comes to updating their devices. So what are we treated with for this upgrade? It would look like ISIS and global roaming are of the significant changes. Some of you may be like myself and  go, "ISIS, what is that?" Let's get more into these "Incredible" upgrades.

ISIS happens to actually be Verizon's 'mobile payment system.' With such a nifty tool comes a "remote diagnostic tool, which is said to aid in 4G connectivity.  ISIS is also used by AT&T and T-Mobile, but is not ready completely for the market, but will be releases in 'test markets' October 22, 2012. Salt Lake City, Utah and Austin, Texas will be among those in the 'test markets.'

ISIS is supposed to be "similar to Google Wallet." Oh geez, there is the hidden agenda! Now, why on earth can't they just use Google Wallet, I mean come on here. I will say it's completely petty, but maybe they have a hidden agenda. These "virtual wallets" allows smart phone users to use their phone as their wallet, like storing your credit cards, debit cards, bank information, special offers, and even loyalty cards. There is also a list of features that will be coming to the ISIS like:



  • Virtual Cards
  • Bonus Cash
  • Security
  • Merchants
  • NFC-SIM Cards
  • Incredible 4G Purchase +50 in Cash
ISIS screenshot on a mobile device

So, this 'wonderful' new application is only for HTC Incredible 4G users, as the device will already come with ISIS pre-installed. If you already have one, accommodations can be made to make sure you have the same wonderful updates.

I have to say that this features isn't something that is high on my "want" list. I mean I already have a wallet that I need to keep track, now I'll have two things to keep close eye. Doesn't really make me "tickled pink" to have. Maybe down the road when it becomes more widely used will I possibly consider it, but for now I'm good with just reading and writing about 'virtual wallets.'


What does the reading audience think? Do you think the ISIS Wallet application will be a big hit? Or do you think this is just a way for carriers to truly try to "stick it to Google" by not using their application that should be available on stock Android to begin with?


Source: Droid Life

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