Featured: Verizon's HTC DLX Renamed To DROID DNA

map verizon droid dna

We recently got our hands on leaked images of the highly anticipated HTC DLX on Verizon Wireless, thanks to our friends at Android Central. Today, thanks again to AC for providing the "Confidential" documents that confirm the HTC DLX's availability on Big Red's inventory and also the DLX is "as shown in the document" renamed to "DROID DNA" – that's much better than DLX and catchy as well.

The price is also shown in the document being jst $199 obviously with a 2 year contract. The launch date being as November 20th that's just right around the corner and in time for Thanksgiving. Even though this is an official and confidential document as you can see in the image but this is definitely not what Verizon intended, so we'll call it unofficial. Prices and availability can still change without prior notice.

There are other phones in the roadmap as well that you might be looking forward to, NOT like the HTC 8X Windows Phone or maybe the Note 2. What are your thoughts on the DROID DNA name? Do you think it's catchy? I do.