Featured: Verizon RAZR HD and RAZR MAXX HD Will Receive ISIS Mobile Wallet


In the beginning of this week, we had received news that ISIS would be going live in Austin and Salt Lake City. ISIS is supported by the three  popular carriers (Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile). It was also reported that Verizon's HTC Incredible 4G LTE would also be receiving ISIS within it's next update. Now, many of us all have emotions towards this move right? It's the carrier's way of giving Google and the Android Community a big "F U!"

Since the test launch of ISIS earlier this week,  a few more devices have been added to Verizon's list. The launch showed the DROID RAZR HD / MAXX HD  as  listed devices  for Verizon's network. It is also possible the Galaxy SIII may also receive ISIS, but it may take longer for that move to be ready.

October 26 marked the first release! The  0.7.2 version of the update was pushed out. A funny thing occurred during this release however. When you looked at the changelog all that was stated for "new features" was "updated Google Security Patch." Not one mention of ISIS. Well that would seem strange right? Especially since Verizon is so adamant about supporting ISIS and not Google Wallet. I am in complete shock that Verizon would make such a noticeable error, or do they think anyone caught it?



However, today marks another day for this release. Apparently, Verizon has amended the "update document" which now clearly shows the addition of ISIS Mobile Wallet. Good one Verizon! Way to make a mistake in front of the entire world! Why do I say it's a mistake? The version number on the update hasn't changed, just the 'features' so you can clearly see that it  was an addition that never made it to the log before it was published.

So, those of you who live in the test cities of Austin and Salt Lake City we are waiting to hear your reviews! Not that I would ever support Verizon and their choice to try to be separate from the "Google Experience" and load their devices with crap.  I am curious to see how well this app works and what users think of it. Will it be a huge competitor for Google Wallet? Should Google be worried? I am anxious to your thoughts!


Sources: Android Police

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