Featured: Uploaded Picsa Pictures taken from New LG Nexus

October 9, 2012 - Written By Christina Gardner

We’ve been hearing stories on the LG Nexus pretty much all day today, and I’m sure there’s plenty more to come as we see have started to see “possible” leaked images of the said device.

Another piece leaked earlier pertaining to the LG Nexus is that some images uploaded from Picasa were indeed uploaded with the LG Nexus. Now the creditability on that is up in the air, so take it lightly. The source claims that the EXIF data were taken from a device with the codename “Mako (See Below).”


Image Source: Android Authority


The said “Mako” device is sporting a 8 MP camera not to mention almost all of the Google devices have had fish names. For example:

  • HTC G1 was “trout.”
  • HTC Nexus One was “MahiMahi.”
  • Motorola Xoom was “stingray.”
  • Samsung Nexus S was “herring.”
  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus was “tuna.”

So what makes speculators think this is the LG Nexus? The person who uploaded the images is a supposed “LG Korea employee.” Now remember this is all SPECTULATION, and no one is to trust anything until the actual release is given out. However, it would be pretty groovy if this was the LG Nexus. What is the Android Community’s take on the LG Nexus? Will LG make the cut and provide a great Nexus device?


Source: Android Authority