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RSS is something that has really helped us keep up-to-date with what we care about on the internet and whilst it's been around for a while now it's still in use today and shows no signs of going anywhere. With the likes of Google Reader, RSS has only gotten better and better and it's never been easier to set up your feeds. A year or so ago it was painful setting up your feeds and swapping RSS readers was unthinkable. Things have changed and now RSS readers on Android have come on leaps and bounds making them perfect for keeping yourself up-to-date easily. Read on to find out our Top Ten RSS Readers for Android!

10. GoodNews

A simple app, GoodNews delivers a variety of options all under one roof. There's not only the ability to tie into your Google Reader account to quickly import all of your feeds but also the ability to listen to podcasts as well. The app is designed with the Holo theme in mind and fits in well with Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean. It's well worth a look and is more for those that have been using RSS for some time as oppose to newcomers.

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9. Minimal Reader

This one is for those of us that like our homescreens full of widgets that we use to keep ourselves up to date with. The widget is really quite good and you can have the app tie into your Google Reader account or you can put in your own RSS or Atom feeds. You can swipe left to right to get through your feeds and it's again, built to mix in with Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean.

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8. DoggCatcher Podcast Player

I might be cheating a little when it comes to this entry however, whilst the app's primary focus is to manage your podcasts it's also a fully functional RSS reader. Making it one of the few apps here that is a really good RSS feed reader and a good podcast manager. Some of the apps in the list have this an added feature whereas with DoggCatcher, podcasts are very much at the heart of this app. If only it were a little cheaper.

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7. NewsRob

If you're just looking for a simple RSS reader that you can rely on then you can try none other than NewsRob as it's got a whole lot of features to control you sync things. Ranging from how many articles you see, right the way to how it syncs in the background. NewsRob will connect to Google Reader and it has a powerful two-way sync as well as offline support for downloading web pages.

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6. Reader HD

Whilst the developers bill this as "just another Google Reader app", it's a little more than that. It's one of the few good apps that have a proper tablet interface and has support for themes, for instance turning text black to make it easier on the eyes. There's a lot to love about this app and whilst it's very similar to the Google's own app it's far and away one of the better looking apps on offer.

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5. gReader

Here's another app that features good supports for tablets - gReader is something that suits both phones and tablets really nicely. There's a unique tiled interface for your phone layout, letting you see pictures instead of the usual string of overwhelming headlines and eye-grabbing text. The tablet has a combined view of this tiles and added sidebar which works really well. There's two-way sync with your Google Reader account to make sure you keep it up-to-date no matter where you are.

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4. TapTu

This isn't your typical RSS feed reader as in it's a joining of RSS and social media and let's face it - we discover a whole lot of news through social media so putting the two together is a brilliant idea. In order to get TapTu behaving as an RSS feed reader or all you have to do is sync with your Google Reader account, after this you can choose to hook into social media or not. It's a fantastic way to read your news regardless of how you use it.

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3. Google Reader

They'd be no list of RSS apps that wouldn't be complete without a mention from the company that has made RSS so portable. No longer do we have conflicting databases - all we have is a Googler Reader account that lets us take our feeds anywhere. The app got a boost when Android 4.0 was released and it's never been better. Whilst it might not be the flashiest app on offer it's certainly brilliant - it's solid and reliable. You know where you are with Google Reader and that's a real boon for people who have relied on RSS for years now.

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2. Pulse

The app that first made it easy to discover new news feeds on your android device has been around for some time now and it shows no sign of letting up. You can tie in all your RSS feeds in to the app using Google Reader but this here will also help you discover new sources of news that you might interested in.

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1. Feedly

Feedly apps to become your personalized magazine and unlike pulse there's more of a focus on RSS here after all, it is your feeds that will make your magazine. Whereas pulse is more geared towards finding news, Feedly is all about presenting your news in the best way possible. The tablet version of the app is especially pleasant and it's recently had a UI overhaul that's garnered positive results. Developers behind the app have spent time to make sure that this looks good and works well on the Nexus 7 so, what are you waiting for?

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