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It's that time of year folks, it's time to break out the pumpkins and get your costumes together, Halloween is almost upon us. Whether or not you're big on Halloween you can't deny that for one day of the year, there can a lot of fun had and it's always amusing to see what your family and friends come up with when it comes to costumes. Smartphones and tablets can be great this time of year especially if you have kids around. Thanks to the vast majority of Android apps you can rest assured that theres a good offering for apps based on Halloween as well as games. Here at Android Headlines we want you to have fun and so we're going to let you take a look the best games and apps for you have a good Halloween on Android.

10. Halloween Live Wallpaper 


There's something about live wallpapers that creates a sort of love them or hate them vibe that I can understand. I really like the look of live wallpapers but, it's really difficult to get them right, to make sure they behave properly and don't generally suck. I'm not sure whether this one has got it right but, it's a Halloween themed one and one of the better ones at that. For those of you that simply need to have a live wallpaper – perhaps still, for bragging rights? – then this could impress a few folk around the office or be a good call for the 8GB Nexus 7 you've be handing down to the kids real soon.


9. Spooky Sounds

Halloween is all about embrassing the fun side of horror or at least, that's what it's become. With this brilliant sound board you'll be able to have alsorts of fun surrounding spooky audio. There's a great selection on offer from the app and I'm sure there's something you can find that will either make you laugh or scare your friends or co-workers. I have an image running through my head of playing a zombie sound through cubicle walls – that just me? Moving on, the app has a funky theme to it and should work well on all phones or tablets. Please, don't give someone a heart attack using this, Android Headlines will not be responsible for that.


8. Haunted House HD


Sometimes the best things are the ones that we can enjoy with others and this gem of an app is going to be great to enjoy with the kids on a tablet or just on your phone. It's a little spooky but it's more on the Halloween cliche side of things so there's nothing that's going to give you nightmares here. You can customize the content in the app as well which will be really great for the kids. There's something about suspense in this way that's a whole lot of fun and I'm sure you'll all have a laugh with it. Go ahead and give it a try and if you're the type easily frightened, you'll be fine with this app.

7. Bubble Blast Halloween


Ah, games, the one thing that everybody wants to play this time of year is games. The Halloween culture that has been formed by modern America certainly lends itself to fun little games like this. Many of you may have already played Bubble Blast but now, tit's back with a Halloween Edition to make Hallow's Eve that little bit more fun. Or, if you're just a sucker for cheap stuff then this is the one for you. The game has some good gameplay and I'm sure it'll be easily played by everybody. Well worth taking a look and perfect for phones and tablets a like.


6. Camera Zoom FX Halloween Pack

If one things for sure over the course of Halloween week it's that people are going to go to parties, dressed like idiots and do stupid things. Now, in some cases you're only likely to remember these moments is if you were to have some photos of them. What better way to take photos of Halloween with some spooky filters for you and your friends to look back at the morning after? The app is a bolt on to the already very good Camera Zoom FX that recently got quite a big update so they're both worth checking out. Besides, with this you could snap a shot of your costume for next year!


5. Coin Dozer Halloween

When you're so full of candy that you can't move, you don't want to be knee deep in a game, you want to do as little as possible. The simplest games are great for this sort of thing, ensuring that you are entertained without frustration. Coin Dozer and it's addictive yet super-simple gameplay is a sure fire way for you to be satisfied whilst chowing down on your candy haul. It doesn't matter how old you are – you still go trick-or-treating don't you? Oh, just me then…

4. Angry Birds Seasons

That's right folks, our squawking friends are back with some spooky fun for us! Whilst the game might be getting a little long in the tooth now it's just as much fun as it first was and it's become a sort of tradition that there are new levels whenever there is some sort of holiday. So, here is Angry Birds' 2012 affair for Hallow's Eve, it's a pretty good one and it's perhaps the one game here that I doubt anyone will have a problem with but, of course, there's always somebody isn't there? Go ahead and update the app for the new levels and, if for some reason, you don't have it installed, just go ahead and get it downloaded!

3. Dead Trigger

No Halloween would be complete without Zombies and Dead Trigger is the game on Android that blows away all other Zombie games. With stunning graphics the game can be quite demanding however, with most modern phones from the last year or so there shouldn't be a problem at all. By now, I'm sure we've all played through the large majority of Dead Trigger by now, for some it might be getting a little old but, let me tell you there's something truly hilarious about shooting Zombies with Pumpkins for heads. The app is free as it always has been and if you've already got it installed all you have to do is go ahead and update it.

2. Zombiewood

MOAR ZOMBIES! That's right, at this time of year, there's little chance of avoiding them so, if you already feel like you're stuck in a zombie apocalypse then move along. This latest from Gameloft is firmly aimed at the Hallowed Holiday and puts you in the shoes of a crazy movie director, tasked with killing a load of zombies. It's a brilliant lot of fun and Gameloft's timing is impeccable. Whilst Dead Trigger could be considered the better game, this is fresh and new and is something that will appeal to a whole lot more people plus, it still has that crucial ingridient: Zombies.

1. Great Pumpkin: Charlie Brown

Everybody loves a good story, I don't care what any of you say, everybody loves a good story. There's also a good chance that everybody likes Charlie Brown. Okay, maybe that's less likely but, the folks behind Charlie Brown have bringing us great stories for so long now and with this Halloween offering they continue to entertain us. This is basically an interactive story in which you can customize your clothes and come along with Charlie Brown and the gang. It's brilliant and you need to go and get right now. It's also 40% off if you hurry! What are you waiting for?!


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