Featured: These Aren't The Pigs You're Looking For; Angry Birds Star Wars coming November 8th


Ah, Star Wars, is there anything that George Lucas hasn't done with you yet? Well, I think this might be the last tick off his list "Combine with massive casual game for phones and tablets…check". In all seriousness though, it's now official, Angry Birds Star Wars is coming to Android November 8th so, get your Jedi Code out and prepare yourself. Let's be honest, once Angry Birds Space hit the scene, you had to have seen this coming! At any rate, there are few details of the game right now however, there's talk of playing through levels ranging from the beloved two-sun Tattoine and the iconic Death Star. It looks as though this will focus heavily on the original trilogy – something we can be thankful for. This looks likely to be the first of many big partnerships between Rovio and folks like Lucasfilm.

There's going to be a big merchandise push as well, which will see birds dressed as Luke Skywalker on everything, absolutely everything. So, if you're sucker for cheap merch then just take a swing by your nearest Toys r Us any time after October 28th which is when it'll be hitting shelves all over the place. If you're as interested as we are then take a look at the teaser trailer below:

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