Featured: The UK May Have Just Gotten 4G but, They're Already Looking Ahead to 5G


Not many of you will know this but I'm the only maybe of staff from good ol' Blighty which means whilst I tease the rest of the staff on carriers and freedom to go wherever I like, I can't defend myself against the lack of LTE. Whilst 4G is just about to launch here in the UK it's only on one carrier and thanks to OFCOM dragging their feet it looks like 2013 will become the year of widespread LTE rollouts. It's not all doom and gloom however as our government has seen fit to help fund research that's been going on for some time into 5G technologies. The UK Government has managed to set aside £300 million for university and research projects, of which £11.6 million will go towards research into 5G.

This doesn't sound like a lot of money at all but, it's joined by £24 million from industry giants like Telefonica, Samsung, Fujitsu and Huawei. All this funding will spill into the "5G Innovation Centre" at the University of Surrey. Apparently, the research has been undergone for quite some time already now and with an extra shot in the arm it could help accelerate 5G technology hitting the UK's airwaves and prevent another fiasco like the one surrounding 4G LTE. Engadget have said that "10Gbps has been banded around as a per-tower target, translating to roughly 200Mbps for each connection" which is a hell of a lot faster than the 'premium' connection I have coming into my house right now. Aside from this massive increase in speed it's said to come with economical advances that should hopefully reduce the power draw of the new network. There's work going into making sure that the networks of tomorrow don't take up as much resources as the networks of today.

It's exciting to see 5G get started but it's going to be a long time before we see anything solid come of it.

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