Featured: The LG E960 just passed through the FCC, is it the LG Optimus Nexus with AT&T Bands and NFC?

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Here we go guys. It’s looking to get more evidence of being true by the day, the LG Optimus Nexus. We’ve been talking about this since the LG Optimus G was announced last month. Some blogs and forums overseas like Blog of Mobile, has pegged the LG E960 – which passed through the FCC – as the LG Optimus Nexus. But wait there’s more.

It looks like this is a tri-band device, unlike the Galaxy Nexus currently on the Play Store which is Penta-band. This particular filing only lists AT&T’s bands which are 850/1900 GSM. So those on T-Mobile are probably a bit sad to see this. The diagram above also shows that the device has a NFC chip, which is kind of a no brainer if this is truly a Nexus device.

By the way, that LG Optimus G that’s headed to AT&T soon has LTE, this filing above does not. So this could indeed be the LG Optimus Nexus that we are looking to seeing next month with Android 4.2. But it is still surprising that the device only has AT&T’s bands. Maybe there will be many different LG Optimus Nexus’ for sale in the Play Store? And keeping a few bands in the device makes it cheaper to sell? Since we did hear that Google is looking to sell the next Nexus even cheaper unlocked.

It’s Nexus season, no doubt about that. Would you buy an LG Nexus?

Source:  FCC