Featured: The Grandfather of Android – T-Mobile G1 turns 4 Years Old Today


The date was October 22, 2008, the T-Mobile G1 (built by HTC) was the first device to go to the public running the open source OS that is Android, Internationally it was known as the HTC Dream. It may not have been your first Android device, but for many people it was theirs. But it'll still hold a place in every Android enthusiasts' heart.

The HTC Dream/T-Mobile G1 had, what today would be terrible specs, but for it's time was top notch:

  • 528MHz Qualcomm processor
  • 3.2-inch display
  • 192MB of RAM
  • 256MB of internal storage
  • 1150mAh battery
  • 5-row QWERTY Keyboard

It's amazing to see how far devices have come in the past four years. The standard processor is now 1.5GHz and either dual-core or quad-core, typical display is about 4.3" and above, RAM is between 1GB and 2GB, internal storage is typically 16-32GB, and the battery is normally 2000mAh except for the budget devices. What about the Android OS as a whole? It's come so very far since Android 1.5 – Cupcake.

This was back when HTC was one of the few manufacturers making devices. About a year later the Motorola Droid came out on Verizon, which was my first Android device and my introduction into the best mobile operating system around (okay, that might be a bit biased). HTC also launched the HTC Hero on Sprint which is actually surprisingly still up for sale, but it is a pre-owned version. Then about a year after Motorola introduced the Droid, HTC launched the game changer which was the HTC EVO. The first device to sport dual camera's and a 4-inch display. But that's enough talking of the history of Android devices.

Now let's take a trip down memory lane and check out this review of the T-Mobile G1 by the folks at Phonedog.